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SockGuy has been on my list of favorites for a few years now.  High quality socks are not only good for the feet but they are also an affordable luxury.  Everyone has their own indulgences, and comfortable feet are one of mine.  The back, hips, knees, and feet all sort of depend on each other, so keep those feet healthy and you‘ll be glad you did.

While SockGuy makes function a priority, they don‘t forget style either.  Check out these new designs in SockGuys‘s lineup.  SockGuy makes several products, each tuned in for specific activities.  Features like the Stretch to Fit System ensure the sock will hug your feet, and with double stitched toes and heels, you know the socks are built to last.  My family has been wearing several pairs of SockGuy socks for a couple years or more.  Even though these socks aren‘t the cheapest ones out there, they are by no means the most expensive.  I think the extra comfort combined with great durability makes these socks a good value.

SockGuy TurboWool and Classics
SockGuy TurboWool and Classics


Add some flair with the SockGuy Classic socks.  These have a 3 inch cuff height and perform great in a variety of sports and feature a Cool Mesh Upper for great ventilation.  For the dog lovers like me, check out Grin.  There are tons of designs in this style.  SockGuy Turbo Wool socks use a blend of Merino wool and polypropylene.  This blend makes an ultra-wicking, itch-free sock that is 5 times stronger and more durable than Merino wool alone.  Turbo Wool socks make a great light to mid-weight hiking sock and will also work great for dress socks.  Take a look at the Fish on Wool crew.

SockGuy Performance Crew
SockGuy Performance Crew

SockGuy Performance Crew socks make great everyday socks and offer a taller cuff if that is your style.  The Cursor, EKG and So Cal designs are new and feature a Cool Mesh Upper for hot feet.

SockGuy SGX socks
SockGuy SGX socks

Find them on Amazon!

SGX socks features an exclusive Elite Performance Formula material, which is a blend of polypropylene, nylon and spandex.  The SGX socks use a compression ribbing cuff that helps prevent fatigue by increasing blood flow.  A mesh upper provides great ventilation, and a snug arch support hugs the foot for comfort and virtually zero-slip.  Circuit and Yield are a couple new designs in this line.

These are just some of the styles that SockGuy makes.  I have tried out all of these socks, and I can assure you that they feel great on the feet and deliver superior performance.  My wife and kids are still finding ways to lay claim to my SockGuy socks and  I am happy to share with everyone in the house.  I do find ways to hide a few pairs just for me but  I think they know and are looking for my stash.

Prices on these socks range from $10.95 to $13.95.  Check out to see the whole line of quality socks that SockGuy offers.


I‘d like to thank SockGuy for sending over these samples for testing and review because my feet and I are very happy.

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Courtney Pratt

SockGuys could not be more comfortable! I’ve been wearing them for years, and their quality is excellent. Plus they always have new, creative designs. Love them!

George Dennis

Like Ms. Pratt, I’ve worn SockGuy socks for years. As a runner, I’m more than a little picky about what I wear on my feet. SockGuy’s socks are the best.

The Sock Elf

In all my years of travel delivering SockGuy socks to socially conscious green minded runners, I have always appreciated their comfort and durability.


SockGuy hands down makes the best socks out there. Not only are they the best performance socks I’ve tried, but they have dope designs and styles to keep you looking good as well. Personal favorites are the SGX socks for a demanding workout of any kind, and the crew socks for keeping it casual at work or around town.

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