NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster

The NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster is sure to create a new type of excitement while playing fetch. A typical game involves throwing a ball as far as you can while wearing yourself out way before your dog. With the Tennis Ball Blaster you are sure to wear Fido out before exhausting yourself. It’s pretty safe to say you might even enjoy the this toy more than your pet.

NERF has been around since the late sixties, but the NERF Dog line might be something you weren’t aware of.  NERF Dog items range from flying discs to plush toys. NERF strives to keep your four legged friend as happy as can be. The NERF Dog Tennis Ball Blaster features a hands-free operation keeping your hands out of the line of fire. The battery-free spring loaded launcher only requires that you pull the orange slide back each time to the locking/firing position. After cocking the launcher, simply drop a tennis ball in the tube and pull the trigger.

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I happened to see this toy at my local department store, and it immediately threw it in the cart. My oldest Jack Russell Terrier, Tucker, loves the Tennis Ball Blaster and was more than willing to help me review this product. I think honestly he even brings the ball to me better when I use it.  NERF mentions that a ball can be launched over 60 feet with the Tennis Ball Blaster. I’ve yet to see those distances, but that would also be dependent on the angle of the launcher shooting the ball.

In conclusion my dogs and I really enjoy this toy. It keeps both of my dogs well exercised and healthy. The purchase price was around $20.00, which is pretty affordable. I think it’s pretty safe to say that Tucker and Sadie will be looking forward to more toys that NERF Dog comes up with in the future.



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