Way to Your Sweetie‘s Heart is Through SockGuy on the Feet?

If you have been with Industry Outsider very long, you know that we really like SockGuy socks.  SockGuy seems to be constantly creating new styles, and you can always find something to suit your needs.  They are not only stylish, unique socks, but also durable and comfortable.  For Valentine‘s Day, you can pick up a limited edition SockGuy Love Line sock for your sweetheart.  My wife likes to spice up her wardrobe with unique and fun socks.  Just because work requires business clothes doesn‘t mean you can‘t sneak in a little style with some socks.

Since SockGuy makes a wide array of socks to suit almost any activity, you can wear them any time.  I use SockGuy‘s cycling socks regularly and like them very much. Their performance crew socks and the SGX line are also a favorite of mine.  I‘ve been well pleased with these and found them to be comfortable and durable.  A particular favorite in my household is the SockGuy Party Animal socks.  Everyone in the family enjoys the styling of those.

SockGuy Love Line sock
SockGuy Love Line sock

Love Line socks are part of SockGuy‘s Classic Series, and they feature a 1 inch cuff.  Check the bottom for the “Life‘s Short Love Fearlessly” tagline.  Of course, they’re made of a micro-denier acrylic for comfort and blister prevention.  A mesh upper and double-stitched heel and toe add durability.

My wife has always said that she would rather have a lasting useful gift for Valentine‘s Day, and more often than not, I try to find something like that.  I‘d recommend you go ahead with chocolate and flowers this year, but if you want to surprise your significant other, try some offbeat SockGuy socks for the win.

Check out www.sockguy.com to see the whole line of quality socks that SockGuy offers.  Say I love you this Valentine‘s with some comfy foot luxury.


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