The Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0

The Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0 is a great addition to any fun camping trip.  When space isn‘t limited and weight isn‘t a concern, I bring all sorts of luxury items to the campsite.  When my wife and kids come along on camping trips, they want to be comfortable and they want to have fun.  The Siesta Mat Double 10.0 provides a lot of comfort so sleeping on it is great.  With a good night‘s sleep, everyone has fun the next day, so this sleeping mat scores on both fronts.

Just like the name says, the Siesta Mat Double 10.0 is big enough for two.  This mat measures a whopping 74.5 by 46 inches and it is about 3.5 inches thick.  These measurements are a bit smaller than those stated by Easy Camp but not by much.  The mat sleeps two people just fine and it says right on the mat, “Just Add People”.

Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0
Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0

The Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double is a self-inflating pad and it uses expanding foam inside to get the job done.  Open the valve on the mat to let air in and the foam inside will start to swell and blow up the pad.  I like to add a few extra puffs to my sleeping pads but I‘m a heavier camper so personal preferences take over here.

Weight and pack size aren‘t the main concerns with this pad but toughness is definitely one.  Family camping can be hard on equipment with children jumping and playing on it.  The skin of the pad is plenty tough to withstand kids rowdy play.  Grown-ups and kids alike have walked on, jumped on, slept on this pad and, the dog even walked across the Siesta Mat without her claws poking holes.

Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0
Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0

Now available on Amazon!

The Easy Camp Siesta Mat Double 10.0 weighs just over 13 pounds, according to the Easy Camp website.  The mat packs down to about 27.5 by 7 inches so it will fit in a trunk easily enough.  There aren’t any real cons to this pad since its main use is for comfort at the campsite.  You’ll just need a bit of space to store it at home.

Right now the Siesta Mat Double 10.0 is only available in the U.S. through Optics Planet.  There it sells for $179.99.  Click HERE to head over to Optics Planet and check it out. Or get it on Amazon, with free shipping.


I‘d like to thank Easy Camp for sending the mat out for testing and review.  This sleeping pad is going to make it easier to bring the family along on camping trips.  The girls might think they are roughing it now but they will have great stories later.

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