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Groove Life Silicone Wedding Bands let you show your love during all of your favorite activities. Rings are a big wedding tradition and there is even a ceremony dedicated to exchanging them with our spouse. It is a shame that these same rings that show our love can also cause discomfort and pain when we are participating in the activities we love. Groove Life offers us a solution.

In addition to going on outdoor adventures, I‘m an avid grease monkey. I regularly perform maintenance and overhauls on my cars. Once, a metal wedding band snagged and almost cost me a finger, so anytime I’d go into the garage, I took off my ring. Inevitably, this worked itself into me forgetting to put the ring back on, much to my wife’s chagrin.

I am also big into fat biking and any off road cycling. After a few miles of riding down a bumpy trail the metal band would start to dig into my finger. I’d try and wear the ring anyway, but it really did make riding less enjoyable. It felt kind of like having a pebble in a shoe when hiking.

Groove Life Classic Wedding Band
Groove Life Classic Wedding Band

My Groove Life ring has solved both of these issues. The ring is flexible and comfortable so it doesn‘t dig into my finger when I‘m riding. It is also molded with “grooves” (see what I did there?) on the inside that allow air to get between the band and my skin, keeping things cool and dry.

I also don‘t have to worry about losing a finger anymore. This band is designed to break if stressed too much. The nice thing is that if this happens, Groove Life has a lifetime warranty on the band.

It is unlikely that I will get the ring snagged though, because it is really thin and low profile on my finger compared to my metal band. I don‘t think it will catch as easily. That makes the ring almost unnoticeable when I‘m wearing it.

Groove Life Classic Wedding Band
Groove Life Classic Wedding Band

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After the past few months that I‘ve had the Groove ring, I find myself wearing it pretty much all the time regardless of my activity. It is just comfy to wear. I am not allergic to metals so these rings are fine for me. For those with allergies, Groove Life rings are a great alternative.

The last thing I wanted to cover is the safety aspect of this ring. Recently, my wife traveled to Haiti with a humanitarian aid group. Friends warned her about taking jewelry, so we got her a Groove Life ring. Wearing a wedding band there is fine, but avoid precious metals and stones. She said the Groove Life ring really put her at ease and was comfortable when she was helping with various projects. I highly recommend these when traveling abroad for safely as well as the piece of mind if it is accidentally lost. Replacing a ring that costs thousands of dollars will ruin a vacation.

These are an outstanding way to wear a wedding band and comfortably participate in my favorite activities.

MSRP: $29.95 For more colors and styles visit:


Thanks to Groove Life for providing their “groovy” ring for this review.

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