EKA Swede 9

EKA Swede 9

I’ve been carrying our sample EKA Swede 9 knife around for a while, and every time it gets used, I’m reminded just how much I enjoy EKA’s products. The Swede 9 is the ideal companion for outdoor use, but it’s also a great choice for every day carry. With a 90mm (3.54 inch) blade, it’s not too big or intimidating, but has enough length to get most jobs done. The blade is made from Swedish Sandvik 12C27 steel that has been ground all the way up to the handle, giving you as much cutting surface as possible. Of the two handle options, we chose the orange G10 because it it not only very visible, but also highly durable. EKA also offers handles made from Bubinga, which is an African Rosewood. There is also a black G10 option, for those that prefer a classic look. They all have the same shape, which seems to fit a lot of hands very well.

Whichever grip material you choose, the Swede 9 also includes an EKA Mini FireSharp, which is a high quality fire steel that has a built in sharpener. You also get a paracord lanyard with pocket clip, a prefect match for the Swede 9, since it has a nice big lanyard hole at the end of the blade’s locking bar. If you’re like me, you appreciate these little touches that make this knife so handy. But they didn’t stop there. Large thumb studs make it easy to open the blade with either your left or right hand. Taking the smart design a bit further, EKA put the whole knife together with machine screws that require only a flat blade screwdriver* for removal. This gives you the option of making the blade action a little looser, although we prefer to simply let in wear in over time. But it does allow the knife to be taken apart for a very thorough cleaning. If you clean fish or prepare food with your knife, this detail is another big selling point. Sure, you can clean just about any knife in some hot soapy water. With the Swede 9, you can wash each piece, dry them, and lube them, and you won’t miss a spot, or worry about rust.

EKA Swede 9

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Anyone that has had trouble with a liner lock or lockback knife will appreciate the locking bar, as it locks up very secure, yet takes little effort to fold. And yes, we tried to “bump” it to fold the blade while using it, and were unable to get it to, so no worries about getting injured that way. There was only one minor detail I could find issue with, and even then, it’s not a huge deal. The thumb studs are just a bit wider than the knife, overall. When putting it away (there’s a nice smooth pocket clip), the studs would hang up on the top of my pocket. This would not deter me from buying one, but it’s worth mentioning it. Otherwise, this knife is just perfect in so many ways. Easy to sharpen, holds an edge well, and looks great. If you’re looking for a high quality knife for yourself or someone on your shopping list, it’s definitely worth a look.

– Brian

* Most of the photos we found online do not show the slotted screws in the handles – they appear to be a star, like a Torx. But the knife EKA provided for review very clearly has slotted screws.


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I have the same knife though i have an issue with sharpening it. The swede 9 is a scandi grind and because of the thumb studs it’s very hard to sharpening on a whetstone

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