December 2, 2023
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I’d have to get two, one to ride with and one to take apart.

That looks dead sexy.


Hey, I’m barely a bike geek but that cutaway is a thing of beauty to me too!

Now, if I could just find a high quality bike for those days NOW when the arthritis pain makes it difficult to swing over the bike and for twenty years from now when I’m 83 and need a step through frame light enough to lift on the bus rack for bike/bus commuting AND have all quality components.

With all the Boomers herding on the horizon with lame knees and hips, some bike company would be very smart to market to this crowd.

What is on the market in step-thrus are of poor quality and weigh a ton!

So Brian have you thought of building bikes for VERY friendly “vintage” bikes like this?


Joe B.

Uh… Your 400:1 ratio is more like 3.5:1. Still a very respectable ratio and much like the Shimano geared hubs this so elegantly replaces. The other little problem is weight. About 9 lbs. of it in fact. More than double the 8-speed Shimano geared hub, so don’t look for any bikes that are TOO lightweight featuring this hub!



You are correct. I’m not sure where I got the 400:1 figure, and I can’t find anything to back it up.

While it might be a hefty piece of gear, it’s by no means the choice for performance cycles, so weight is not a huge consideration. And there are some people that will be stumped by Shimano’s eight gears. The NuVinci was designed for them. Besides, it’s so smooth!

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