Emergency Water Kit From Geigerrig

Here’s a life-saving product so new, we don’t even have an official photo of it yet. Spotted hanging out in the Geigerrig booth at Outdoor Retailer, the Emergency Water Kit is one of Geigerrig’s latest innovations. Similar to the product shown in the photo to the right, it’s due to be released this month, which is National Preparedness Month.

In case you’re not familiar with Geigerrig, they produce a line of hydration packs that are pressurized via a simple squeeze bulb, not unlike the ones you see on a blood pressure device. (That’s called a sphygmomanometer, in case you’re wondering) By pressurizing the bladder, a Geigerrig becomes more than a simple hydration pack. The ability to spray water makes it ideal for sharing, without exchanging germs on a bite valve. That means you can share with your riding partners, kids, pets, or strangers on trail, if you’re so inclined. It can also be used for cleaning wounds, cleaning gear, and even a makeshift shower. And since the Geigerrig doesn’t rely on gravity or sucking on a bite valve (their motto is “Never suck again”), using an in-line filter doesn’t slow down the flow of water.  Which is where the Emergency Water Kit comes in.

Realizing that drinkable water is an essential part of every emergency kit, the folks at Geigerrig came up with a simple solution. They packaged one of their reservoirs with an in-line filter in a lightweight backpack. Rather than the full hydration pack, it’s just a handy way to store and carry your filtration system. You can throw it in a duffel with your first aid kit and some emergency rations, and be prepared for the next disaster, natural or otherwise. Fill it up from the tap, a hose, or even a stream, squeeze the bulb, and drink. The filters are comprised of activated coconut shell carbon, which reduces chemicals and offensive odors in water, while improving taste. They are also certified to remove 99.9% of cryptospordium and giardia. To suppress the growth of algae, fungus, bacteria, mold and mildew (the blue/green stuff we fear), filters are also treated with Mirigard antimicrobial technology.

Of course, if you already own a Geigerrig, you can add a filter for about $30. But the retail on this kit should be around $70, which is less than buying the hydration engine and filter separately. It’s been tested extensively both stateside and abroad, in places where many of us would prefer not to drink from the local water sources. As a testament to confidence in their product, Geigerrig offers a two year warranty that covers materials and workmanship. But they offer a lifetime guarantee against leakage for their hydration system. That’s not all that surprising if you’ve been to their site, or searched Youtube for the videos of them throwing one out a truck window at 100 MPH, or strapping a bomb to one. They’re tough, and they know it.

We’ll update this article once we have a bit more info. Or you can check the Geigerrig site for availability.

– Brian

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