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Endurance Shield Performance Skin Care
Endurance Shield Performance Skin Care

I first used Endurance Shield products during my California and western United States riding adventure last year. I‘ll freely admit I was nervous to switch from my usual chamois crème, but Endurance Shield‘s fine product quickly calmed those nerves and I have been using it ever since.

Endurance Shield is the brainchild of Jarrod Shoemaker and Alicia Kaye, both pro athletes with proven records. As such, they have worked to develop products that cater to the special demands of cyclists, triathletes, and other endurance athletes. Currently, that includes sunscreen, lip protectant, chamois crème, and muscle relief and repair cream.

The Endurance Shield Sunscreen has an SPF 45 rating, but what sets it apart is how well it works. It is waterproof, sweat proff, and fast absorbing. It even moisturizes to keep your skin from drying out. I used it quite a bit while riding in the California high desert, and it worked great. I really liked that it didn‘t feel greasy or oily and never once ran into my eyes. The fact that it is made with ingredients that won‘t clog your pores offers an added benefit to active people. This means that your ability to sweat and cool yourself is not compromised. And two hour climbs at what seemed like a snail‘s pace in the heat of the day made me really notice and appreciate this.

I use the Endurance Shield Repair & Relief sparingly, but always enjoy it when I do.  Usually after long days in the saddle, my neck and shoulders are even sorer than my legs.  Rubbing some Repair & Relief on the tense muscles in these spots offers near instant relief. Even nicer, if you have someone to give your tired and achy muscles a massage after the ride, the Endurance Shield Relief & Repair makes a good massage lotion and doesn‘t leave the greasy feeling of a lot of massage oils and lotions.

My favorite of the Endurance Shield products is the Chamois Crème. Most chamois crèmes I have tried are too runny. A lot of others feel too synthetic. The Endurance Shield Chamois Crème is just the perfect consistency to keep it in place without feeling too thick. The viscosity of the crème means that I can go for very long rides without needing to worry about reapplication. In addition to fighting the friction that causes saddle sores, there are antibacterial ingredients to further protect your butt. After developing a saddle sore last year, my coach recommended that I treat it with Tea Tree Oil. Endurance Shield Chamois Crème features this as one of the ingredients, so it not only protects against new sores but helps heal any you might already have. The natural ingredients used come through in the scent, which I find refreshing.

Their entire line impressed me. They are perfect for cyclists and other endurance athletes.  With their line-up of lip protectant, sunscreen, and chamois crème, they provide head-to-toe protection. The lip protectant retails for $5.25, the chamois crème for $24.99, the sunscreen is $12.99 for 2 ounces or $23.99 for 4, and the muscle relief is $25.99.  All can be purchased directly from the Endurance Shield website at

– Alex (Steak Sauce)

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Endurance Shield products for free from Endurance Shield, in consideration for review publication

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