Fat Bike Project Update

I figured we were due for another installment of our winter fat bike project. While some very low temps have kept me from riding as much as I’d like, it’s still the most fun you can have in the snow on two wheels. Here is a quick recap of what we have covered so far:

Part 1, unboxing and final assembly.

Part 2, a few mods to fit me, and first riding impressions.

Part 3, Axiom Fatliner rear rack installed.

Part 4,  Dave‘s Mud Shovel™front and rear fenders from PDW installed.

In addition to the articles specific to the bike, I also tried out the NiteRider Lumina OLED 800 headlight, with its impressive output and real-time OLED display that gives you battery life in minutes and seconds. We followed that up with the NiteRider Sentinel 40 LED taillight. If you have not seen this light, with its high output and Laser Lanes, you need to check it out.

Laser Lanes on the NiteRider Sentinel 40 LED taillight
Laser Lanes on the NiteRider Sentinel 40 LED taillight

We followed that up with the Topeak JoeBlow Fat, a pump that is sure to make life easier for fat bike owners. During an early morning coffee run in the snow, I took along a Klean Kanteen 20oz Vacuum Bottle. Again, not fat bike specific, but if you are riding in the snow, it’s not a bad way to keep a hot drink handy.

Klean Kanteen 20oz Vacuum Bottle
Klean Kanteen 20oz Vacuum Bottle

So what’s up next? Well, as much as I like the Mud Shovel™fender set, the rear was not a tidy install with the rack in place. So we’re going to try another set of fenders, this time the Fatboards from SKS. Axiom has also provided a set of their premium waterproof Tempest panniers, to go with the rear rack. I’ll see if I can take my camera gear along for some winter wildlife photos. Even though I haven’t worn out the stock tires, I’ve got a set of Maxxis Mammoth 26×4.00 rubber just waiting to be install. And if you’re wondering how I stay warm while out in temps that run between 20 and 30 degrees, I’ll be doing a full review of a jacket, tights, and gloves from Aerotech Designs. They know snow, and make some great winter gear, much of it in the US. Best of all, they don’t cater to just the “typical” skinny road cyclist build. With their Big/Tall line for men, and their Full Figure for women, they can help cyclists of all shapes and sizes ride in comfort and style. In the meantime, ride safe, and stay warm!

– Brian

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