FDX300 from Coast – your new all-around knife

Check out the FDX300 from Coast, if you are looking for the perfect all around knife. This knife has it all for an incredibly low price. It is razor sharp, compact, lightweight, stylish, durable and safe to use. I have been using and abusing this knife for a few weeks now and have not been disappointed.

FDX300 from Coast
FDX300 from Coast

When Coast sent me the FDX300 knife, I knew I was in for a treat right out of the box. I opened it and could tell that it was going to be perfect for everyday carry. This knife is really cool looking with its completely stainless steel blade and handle. Attractive contrast is provided by the black clip and thumb stud. Additionally, the handle has awesome looking hollow points throughout. This not only adds to the style but helps keep the weight low at only 4 ounces. I can carry the FDX300 without even knowing it’s there. This makes it easy to bring on hikes without being weighed down. For small jobs, the three inch blade is plenty handy. But it’s still big enough for everything else. And I can always have it handy for everyday use.

FDX300 from Coast
FDX300 from Coast

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For its price point, the FDX300 brings also some nice safety features to the table. It has a double lock that works along with the primary liner-lock mechanism. This ensures your safety while the knife is out and in use. But it is optional to engage, so if you have a quick cut and don‘t deem the double safety necessary you still have the protection of the liner-lock. And then when you have some more serious cutting, just push the switch forward and you are double protected. Making this even better is a small screw on the side of the knife that will adjust the tension of the safety. Now you have both an extra safety option and the ability to change how easy it is to engage.

Coast has been around since 1919, so they know a thing or two about knives. Ringing in at only $23.99, the FDX300 has an incredibly low price for the product you are getting. As with all of their knives, tools, and flashlights/headlamps Coast offers a lifetime warranty. This product is perfect if you are in need of an inexpensive pocket knife or are looking for a gift. If you want an every day carry knife that at a fair price, look no further than the FDX300. CoastPortland.com


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