Secur Products SP-6000 Solar Panel and Powerbank

Secur Products’ SP-6000 is exactly the bug-out bag charger you‘re looking for. The SP-6000 is both a compact and light solar charger and a 10,000mAh powerbank all in one. Trends for most handheld/camping lighting are doing away with batteries,choosing instead to be rechargeable. Having a replenishable way to charge your lighting and other electronic needs is a necessity.

The SP-6000 features two six watt solar panels totaling 12 watts of charging power. It also has two 2.4 amp USB charging ports allowing you to change two devices simultaneously. When not actively charging a device, the SP-6000 can store the power it collects in its power bank, allowing you to have multiple charges when solar energy is not available.

Secur Products SP-6000 Solar Panel and Powerbank
Secur Products SP-6000 Solar Panel, unfolded

Charging your device is simple. First, connect your cable to the USB port and then press the power button. Watch the LEDs light up, showing you both how much available power is in the bank and that it is currently charging. Both of these ports are smart ports as well so you don‘t need to worry about overcharging your devices. Charging times vary for devices with my iPod taking about an hour to my flashlight taking around twenty minutes.

Setting up the SP-6000 is super easy. To stand it up, you simply pull the easel leg, unfold the panels and use the drawstring to adjust the angle. And it is just as easy to fold up and stow back into your pack or glove box.

Secure did great with the design of the SP-6000. First, they really focused on portability. Since they are using two high-efficiency solar panels, it can be folded down to about six inches wide and ten inches tall. But when expanded, it is around sixteen inches wide with the same height. It also has an easel leg built into it. The USB ports are protected in a waterproof pouch that is large enough to accommodate most mobile phones. So your device will be protected as it charges.

Secur Products SP-6000 Solar Panel and Powerbank
Secur Products SP-6000 charging ports

Each SP-6000 is constructed using a durable and soft canvas material. I have not dropped this from any dramatic height, but I have stuffed this in a backpack, tossed in my car, and it was knocked off of a park bench by my really cute dog. I won‘t go as far as to say this is “nuke proof”, but I believe that it will withstand normal use and the occasional “whoops” (unless that is whoops down a canyon or the bottom of a lake).

As far as charging times for the internal 10,000mAh powerbank go, it took about 4 hours on a very nice sunny day to change this to capacity. Of course, in cloudier weather it took longer. Also note that the Powerbank can only be charged by the solar panels. There is no way to charge it via the USB ports.

I was a little disappointed that this charger only included a micro USB charging cable. Certainly, I would have liked to have seen one of those multi cables with a variety of connectors. Not the end of the world, but it would have been nice to have that included.

Overall, the SP-6000 is a great asset to have in your bug-out bag or camping supplies especially if you need to not only keep your phone alive, but also any other rechargeable equipment you have. The high-efficiency, solar-charging capability and the built-in 10,000mAh powerbank is a one-two punch for your emergency preparedness checklist.

For more info on the SP-6000:
MSRP: $125


A big thank you to the folks at Secur Products for sending the SP-6000 out to us to review!

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