The Sunset Hat from Sunday Afternoons

When my wife first tried on the Sunset Hat from Sunday Afternoons, she did something she doesn’t usually do. She asked me to get her one. You see, my wife is not really big on hats. It’s not that she doesn’t like them. It’s that she can’t seem to find one that she feels look good on her. Yet this one makes her smile. A lot. It was while we were at Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City, at the Sunday Afternoons booth, that it caught her eye. So we asked for one to review.

Since it’s a western-style (cowboy) hat, but with more feminine touches, it appealed to her. Overall, it’s a mix of rounded corners and soft edges. For a little extra pop, the leatherette headband has some accent beads. And colors such as Cinnamon, Oat, Lemon Grass, and Watermelon, seem to appeal to women. It’s available as a “one size fits most” for $30.

The Sunset Hat from Sunday Afternoons
Love at first sight

Of course, since the Sunset is from Sunday Afternoons, it’s not just a fashion piece. You can bend the 3-3/4″ wide brim out, for extra protection, or roll it up for evening wear. Thanks to the tight poly braid material, it has a UPF 50+ sun rating. But it’s still breathable, so your head doesn’t feel too hot. You’ll find a grosgrain sweatband inside too. And it even packs flat for travel. Those are the sort of features we expect from a company that makes hats for outdoor adventurers.

The Sunset Hat from Sunday Afternoons
Enjoying a Saturday afternoon in the sun

Find it on Amazon!

It’s no secret that we need to protect ourselves from the sun, when outdoors. And it’s certainly no secret that most women like clothing and accessories that make them look good. So when a product not only protects the wearer, but makes them feel good about wearing, that’s a win. That’s also a great description of the Sunset hat, from Sunday Afternoons.

We’d like to thank Sunday Afternoons for providing their Sunset hat for this review. Mrs. Outsider loves it. But I guess that’s easy to tell from the photos.


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