Hanz Tap-Knit Touchscreen Gloves

I have tested Hanz Tap-Knit Touchscreen gloves for quite a while now.  Owning a pair of Hanz waterproof gloves already, I had a pretty good idea what to expect.  The Hanz Tap-Knit Touchscreen gloves performed great, and the touchscreen compatibility definitely works.  I cut my finger recently and had to wear a bandage on the tip of the pointer finger.  A call came in on my smartphone and I became really frustrated when I couldn‘t answer the call.  The cloth on my fingertip got in the way of the touchscreen so you can see how ordinary gloves just don‘t cut it for all of our high tech gadgets.

Hanz Waterproof Tap-Knit Gloves
Hanz Waterproof Tap-Knit Gloves

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Hanz sent a pair of Waterproof Tap-Knit and a pair of the Lightweight Tap-Knit Touchscreen gloves.  Both versions of the gloves work with touchscreens but because of the construction, there are some differences in performance.  The Lightweight Tap-Knit gloves worked perfectly.  In fact, I think my on-screen typing is a little bit more accurate with the Lightweight gloves.  This seems like hype I‘m sure, but the little pointy tip of the glove’s finger seemed to help.  The Waterproof Tap-Knit gloves work with the touchscreen as well, but tasks that require accuracy are a bit tough.  I used backspace quite a bit while typing with the on-screen keyboard of my smart phone.  Swiping the answer calls button, tapping icons to run apps, and flipping through screens work just like they do with a bare finger.

The gloves are different in waterproofness as well.  Three layers of material make up the Waterproof gloves. A soft wicking liner provides a nice feel, and the waterproof membrane allows moisture to leave the glove while keeping outside water outside.  An abrasion resistant Lycra layer covers the outside.  A single layer of water resistant material makes up the Lightweight gloves.  Rain or misty water beads up on the outside of the Lightweight gloves but water soaks right through if the hand is dunked in water.   Tacky dots cover most of the underside of the both gloves and they provide lots of grip.  The Lightweight gloves have smaller grippy dots that make a finer pattern.

Hanz Lightweight Tap-Knit Touchscreen gloves
Hanz Lightweight Tap-Knit Touchscreen gloves

Find them on Amazon!

My hand measures 9 inches around so I tested size large.  Both pair of gloves have a nice soft feel inside, and extend 3 to 3 ½ inches up my forearm.  The fit is good with no looseness, but the palm of the waterproof glove bunches a bit when making a fist.  The fingers are a bit long but that didn‘t cause any problems.  Both pairs of gloves are thin enough to allow for working with small tools.  You can definitely detect the waterproof membrane in the Waterproof gloves, and these have a heavier feel like they should. The layers of the Waterproof gloves act as one solid layer.  The Lightweight gloves have a more comfortable feel but if waterproofness is a priority, the Waterproof gloves get the nod.

The regular Hanz Waterproof gloves got a good testing and the Tap-Knit gloves match their performance.  Click here for the article that covers the test.  To sum things up, I stuck my hands into a big bucket of ice while wearing the Hanz Waterproof gloves.  My hands stayed warm and dry and I just got bored and ended the test many minutes later, as my hands stayed warm.

Hanz designs and manufacture all of their products in the USA. And they test every pair of their waterproof products.  Click here to learn more about the Hanz Tap-Knit gloves and check out all of the Hanz products.


I‘d like to thank Hanz for providing some of their great products for testing and review.  I‘ll be keeping my hands warm this winter for sure.

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