Feetures! Performance Socks

Not all socks are created equal, and that is especially true when it comes to the Feetures! Performance Socks. I’ve been testing the Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew version for quite a while now. These socks are designed and targeted toward runners but I wore them for cross training, hiking, everyday socks, and everything in between. I would prefer them over any other socks for all activities any day of the week.

The features of the Feetures! Performance Socks are definitely something to talk about. The sewing pattern of the socks is key to their performance. This design  gives the wearer compression in the areas that will benefit from it the most. To be quite honest, I feel like my feet are given an upgrade when wearing these socks. They fit like a glove and have a sensation that makes my feet feel secure and protected. Part of the protection offered by these socks lies in the anatomical design which makes them super comfortable to wear.

Feetures! Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew
Feetures! Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew

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A lot of care and attention has gone into making the Feetures! Performance Socks a truly superior product. Making a sock that enhances performance, protection, as well as comfort is a true feat. The toe and heel areas of the sock are denser than the rest of the sock to deal with higher impact received to these areas during certain activities. I can attest to the fact that the overall design of this sock has kept my feet cool and dry during intense, extended duration activities. I never worried about blisters. Protection from the pattern and design held up even on a steep advanced level hike with a high risk of developing blisters.

Of course, Feetures! makes a special effort to provide varying heights, colors, and cushioning to fit a wider range of needs and preferences. I can‘t speak for the ultra-light or heavy cushioning, but the tested light cushioning is sufficient for my needs. The elite fabric version are provided in crew, mini crew and no show tab heights. Options are important to me, as it is for most people. The mini crew is great for me.  They never slid down my leg or caused irritation during any activity. This height is highly recommended but the no show is great if a lower profile is preferred.

The Feetures! company treats their customers just as great as the Feetures! Performance Socks deliver comfort and protection. This family owned and operated company is based in North Carolina. Their lifetime guarantee is impressive and the company donates some of their proceeds to the National Forest Foundation.

My overall opinion of these socks has been overwhelmingly positive. The feature that stands out is how dry and cool the feet are in these socks. The no toe seam also adds to the comfort level of these socks. These socks are a perfect option for those looking to improve the performance and comfort level of their active lifestyles. You can find all of their offerings at https://feeturesrunning.com/.


I‘m thankful to Feetures! for giving me the Elite Light Cushion Mini Crew socks for this review. It has been a wonderful opportunity to test this high quality product.

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