The FIT Bottle – Filter Isolation Technology

FIT Bottle (24 ounce)

Water is the source of all life, and the quality of the water can improve the quality of your life. The FIT Top filtering sports bottle top and FIT Bottle can do just that and more. It‘s a convenient bottle with its own filter that you can take with you anywhere.

Like many of our readers, the city I live in has terrible tap water. It has a very metallic taste, so I‘ve been paying for packaged, disposable water bottles because I just can‘t handle drinking out of my own faucet. I was very eager to test out the FIT Bottle. Turns out it was a very noticeable difference. My water is now drinkable and I‘ve saved, easily, $40 a month now that I can filter water myself.

The FIT Top filtering sports bottle top is very carefully designed, with a filter in the top that purifies the water on the way into your bottle.  To fill it, you simply pull the spout cover up and keep pulling up until the filter puck inside the bottle pops up. Then you can filter the water coming out of your tap. This means you can conveniently have clean tasting water out of any tap you have access to – at work, school, the gym, etc. No more disposables!

FIT Bottle

What makes the FIT Bottle even better is that after you‘re done filling your bottle with clean tasting water, you can close the filter back up and unscrew the lid to add your favorite flavor or hydration additive. A lot of water bottles have the filter constantly sitting in the water which means that you filter out what you wanted to keep. FIT Bottle designers have also taken special care in the spout area of the bottle by adding a wide mouth opening that allows the water to flow freely at the pace you want. I‘ve found it quite refreshing to be able to glug my drink as compared to other bottles where I haven‘t felt like I could get the water to come out fast enough.

So what’s in a name? Well, FIT stands for Filter Isolation Technology, and their patented system is scientifically designed to slow water flow when filling your bottle. This allows for best performance and maximum contact with the coconut based, activated carbon media (the filter that purifies your water). The filter removes Chlorine, bad taste and odors plus VOC‘s (volatile organic compounds). It is not, however, safe to use on stream / river / lake water, so please keep it to tap water only.

FIT Bottle Filter Isolation Technology

FIT Bottles currently come in three different options (24oz Gray, 24oz Clear and 14oz Clear for the little guys) and your choice of blue, green or red for the lid. And you can purchase a two pack of FIT filter puck replacements for only $12.99. Each filter puck will filter about 640 14oz bottles (or 373 24oz bottles, which is 8960 ounces of water total ). If you price it out, it will cost you just over 6 cents per fill after purchasing your first bottle and just over 1 penny per fill when you buy the replacement filters. So not only are you keeping plastic bottles out of the landfills but you‘re saving bunches of money by filtering your water yourself. Mother Nature would be so proud!

Go check them out so you can save money too!

– Heather

P.S. FIT top bottles are made right here in our own Salt Lake City, Utah!

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the FIT Bottle for free from FIT Top, in consideration for review publication



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