On Firearms and Shooting Sports

Over the past 10+ years, this site has evolved in many ways. While it started out as being just about cycling, we now cover all sorts of outdoor sports and activities. Plus, we review health and nutrition items, gadgets, and even travel gear. Healthy and active lifestyles, along with family-oriented recreation, were and are our main focus for this site. Of course, just as times change, so do we evolve. And with that, there will be some changes to our content here.

I have enjoyed target shooting since I was a teenager. More than 30 years later, I can still recall the first time my dad took me to the shooting range. The four rules of gun safety were read and repeated back solemnly. This was done each and every time we went shooting. Safe firearm-handling protocols were always followed. I’ve since introduced my own children to target shooting, and firearm safety. I’m proud that my daughter found the focus and determination to hit six steel spinners faster than most boys her age. More importantly, she doesn’t have the irrational fear so many non-shooters have of these inanimate objects. If she were to find an unsecured weapon, she knows what to do. No matter what your feelings are on firearms, teaching your children the basics of safety can prevent accidents. But I’m not here to preach today.

Going forward, we will be covering various firearms and related products. I’m not a hunter, so we’ll leave that to other sites. Instead, you’ll see articles on products for indoor and outdoor shooting. As always, we’ll try to focus on those that enhance and encourage family participation. Shooting sports require responsibility, focus, and discipline. These are qualities I’ve tried to hand down to my children, as they were taught to me. We’ll avoid the politics and debates of various laws enacted in different states. This is about another sport that can be enjoyed as a family.

I welcome your comments, suggestions, and general feedback.


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