Firefly Handle Bar Grips From RideOut Technologies

RideOut Technologies has added another cool item to their portfolio of innovative cycling products. The FireFly grips are patterned after the popular ergonomic models seen on more and more commuter bikes these days. What makes them different is the LED lights built into the ends of the grips. Check out the video:


As you can see, they are easy to mount, and just as easy to use. If you’re a flat-bar cyclist, this looks like an excellent product that is well designed and properly executed, which will allow you to stand out a bit more while on the road. Whether you want to extend your riding hours, increase visibility in traffic, or just feel the need to add an extra measure of safety, the FireFly grips look like a great way to go. Having put some similar ergonomic grips on one of my project bikes, I can certainly vouch for the added comfort too. And in the nearly four years that I have been following the folks at RideOut, I’ve seen how much time and energy they put into their research and development efforts. That’s not cheap, but since they’re a small operation, it’s their personal reputation on the line. This also explains why they have so many happy customers.

We’re looking for some feedback from our readers, and hopefully, we’ll get an opportunity to review some, or at least hear from someone who has. In the meantime, you can check out their official page here.

– Brian

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vic schwantner

how can i purchase a set of these and have them sent to my home?


Hi Vic,
You may purchase these grips directly from RideOut Technologies. Go to the cost is $37.75

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