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After reviewing at least a couple dozen different socks for this site, I have come to some very simple conclusions: You can never have too many good socks,and socks are the great equalizer, as we can all afford the very best available. It doesn’t matter whether you are a part time athlete with an office job, or a sponsored pro. Unlike bikes or shoes or other clothing items, it’s not terribly expensive to try out different models from different brands, until we find a favorite or two. This is why I never turn down an opportunity review more socks – until I have tested every pair available, it’s not possible for me to declare “the greatest socks ever”. But I keep finding new ones that are pretty damn good, such as the ones I’m about to share with you.

Having finally found a pair of boots that fit my finicky feet, it was time to fine tune that fit. I needed a sock that came up above the boot, but not too high. It should conform to the shape of my foot at the heel, without being restrictive at the toes. Padding should be minimal, mostly at the heel and ball. With that in mind, I gladly accepted a pair of FITS Light Hiker Crew socks for evaluation. The first thing I noticed about them is that they’re unusually soft, even for a Merino wool sock. Combine that with their distinct anatomical shape, and the comfort is impressive. FITS offers something called “Full Contact Fit™”, which ensures proper fit at the toes, heel, and cuff. No bunching at the toes, no wiggly heel, no sagging cuff. Just a snug but not restrictive fit. Handling them, I can feel the difference in density between the bottom and the rest of the sock, which is exactly how I prefer my hiking socks. They provide a bit of cushion for hiking, but keep your feet cool, even after long hikes.

During the test period, I managed to do some hiking in warm weather, along with general use stomping through eight inches of snow. (Procrastinating allowed me to try them out in widely varying conditions) Although most of the credit goes to the boots, the Light Hiker Crew kept my feet warm in the snow, thanks to a blend that includes 65% fine Merino wool. The rest of the content is nylon for durability (27%), polyester (6%) and Lycra Spandex for a custom fit (2%). Never once did I notice any slipping at the heel, there were no hotspots, and unlike some other socks, I didn’t have to stop and pull them up every so often. And they really are exceptionally comfortable. FITS socks function as advertised, which is about all I could ask for. While the Merino wool will help maintain comfortable temperature and keep your feet dry, that nylon content should ensure that they continue to perform well for many miles too.

No review would be complete without some company background. FITS are produced by Crescent Sock Company, which is based in Tennessee, and has been knitting socks since 1902. Yes, another sock company keeping Americans employed and our tax dollars at home, while putting out some great products. We hope you’ll support them. They’ve got socks for work and play – see them all at

– Brian

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