Flowfold Conductor 40 Liter Duffel Bag

Now that it’s traveled several thousand miles, our Conductor duffel bag from Flowfold is ready for a review. After many flights, car trips, and just generally being tossed around outdoors, it looks, well, like new. Which is funny, because when Flowfold sent it to us for our review, it had already seen some use. What I’m getting at here is that it’s stylish, yes. But it’s actually even more durable than it is stylish. That pretty much describes the entire Flowfold line too.

Looking at the spec for the Conductor, it seems the folks at Flowfold did their homework. At 12″ x 22″ x 12″, it has a capacity of 40 liters. This is just right for long weekends, fishing trips, overnight stays, or even as your daily gym bag. Any smaller, and it would only be good for bare essentials. Much bigger, and it’s no longer a handy duffel, as it would be too heavy when loaded. Thanks to the X-Pac™ï¸ Ultra lightweight, water resistant outdoor fabric, the bag itself only weighs 12.7 ounces. Keep that in mind if you’re flying with it. No weight penalty.

Flowfold Conductor
Flowfold Conductor (Chihuahua shown for scale)

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There is an outer pocket that measures 12″ x 12″ on one end. This makes it easy to store and access small but important items like your phone, keys, and boarding pass. It’s where all the stuff you usually misplace goes. Of course, it’s also a great place to stash some snacks when camping. Or napkins and utensils, when you use the Conductor as a picnic basket. It’s the bag of 1,000 uses.

Flowfold is all about quality, and the construction of the Conductor is no exception. From the YKK water repellent zippers, to the hardware on the strap, nothing looks cheap. There are zipper pulls on all the zippers, so you can work them with gloves on. And the heavy duty stitching on the beefy carry handles challenge you to load it up. We found the strap comfortable, even with heavy loads. And there was never any concern that some stitching might fail. On a side note, if you’re into coordinating luggage, Flowfold has you covered there too. We noticed that their tote bags come in many of the same colors. So you can get his and hers.

I’d say that the Conductor is more than just a light, tough, and water-resistant duffel. No, it’s adventure’s best friend. This particular bag has been used to carry clothing, food, camera gear, and possibly bootleg beer across state lines (any evidence of this has already been consumed destroyed). It’s also vegan, and made in America. Plus, it carries a lifetime warranty. At $98, it’s not inexpensive. But good luck wearing one out. As mentioned, our review bag still looks like new, even after more than 6 months of heavy use. Find yours at Flowfold.com


I’d like extend a big thanks to Flowfold for providing their Conductor for this review. This year, we traveled more than usual, and the Conductor’s “just right” size came in handy on every trip.

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