Flowfold Trailmate Leash

Flowfold’s Trailmate Leash has quickly become my favorite leash for any walk or adventure with my dog. The guys over at Flowfold are typically known for their super light and durable wallets and bags. Now, they will be known for their awesome leashes too.

Every day, climbers very lives depend on their climbing ropes. Which is why climbing rope is incredibly strong and durable. But it is also very comfortable to hold and bends easily. So what better material to make a leash out of? The best part is that the material is repurposed. Each leash is made from brand new rope cord trimmings. When rope is made, the leftover lengths that are too short to be used for climbing are turned into these awesome dog leashes.

Trailmate Leash from Flowfold
Trailmate Leash from Flowfold

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My dog is still young and pulls a lot when she gets too excited on walks and trail hikes. This rope really takes a beating when she has a “squirrel” moment. The length is generous at 5 feet long. Plenty for walking our German Shepherd. The loop end of the rope is solidly secured and covered in rubber. I personally found that spot to be the most comfortable to hold the leash. It just fit in my hand really well. The loop itself is very spacious. I could easily fit a gloved hand in the loop, and I‘m talking a winter glove too.

For simplicity, the hardware is brass, and easy to open with just a finger or thumb. The hook swivels easily and doesn‘t bind. While I am not a fan of orange, it is easily spotted. And Flowfold does offer it in a few other colors. In all honestly, I don‘t have any criticism about the Trailmate. It is a solid choice for dog owners, and carries a reasonable MSRP of $25. For more information visit Flowfold.com


A special thanks to the guys at Flowfold for letting me put their leash through the ringer.

Would you get one for your dog? Do we need to see about a giveaway?

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