Folding Firebox G2 5″ Stove Kickstarter

The folks at Firebox Stoves have been at it again. We reviewed the Firebox Gen 2 Nano a couple months ago, and I highly recommend that stove. I think the Gen 2 Nano is well made, extremely functional, and a lot of fun to use, and I would expect no less from the Nano‘s big brother. Firebox makes a larger 5” folding stove, and they will be starting a Kickstarter campaign to fund the introduction of that stove. The Kickstarter begins on Friday, September 25 at 8 a.m. mountain time.


Firebox has been selling the 5” stove for quite a while now, and everyone seems to love this stove. As with the Nano, the 5” stove is set up to use firewood, charcoal, a Trangia alcohol burner, the Trangia gas burner, and solid fuels. Taking input from customers and using his own ideas as well, Steve Despain and the folks at Firebox have improved the 5” stove in several ways. The G2-5” Folding Firebox stove has added functionality to enhance the use of a method of loading wood called the Swedish fire torch. If you have not heard of this technique for building a fire, I suggest you visit the Firebox Stoves Youtube channel or just Google it up. A long lasting campfire can be made using this technique, but it also works great in the Firebox stove to provide a long lasting fire.

Firebox has produced a video detailing all of the improvements added to the G2-5” stove. Click here to watch. You will see just how much thought has gone into these products.

For people that like to tinker and master a new skill, the Firebox Stoves are the bomb. While building a fire in the stove is no more difficult than making a campfire, managing the heat produced and finding ways to prolong the burn are skills to practice. Steve has produced videos showing how to bake bread, roast a whole chicken in a pot, prepare breakfast, and more.

I don‘t know anyone at Firebox Stoves personally, but after watching the tutorial and testing videos they have produced, it is evident how passionate these guys are about their products. You can tell that they use the stoves themselves and want to deliver the most useful, highest quality product. Positive reviews from users are all over the internet. This is definitely a product to seriously consider if you are looking into a wood burning, backcountry method for food preparation.

Firebox engineers and manufactures its products in the USA, which I like a lot. I have found each of the components of my stove to be very functional, plenty sturdy, and light enough to carry backpacking. Check out the Firebox Stoves website here.

– Mark

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