CamelBak Circuit Running Vest


CamelBak Relay and CamelBak Circuit running vest give-away

CamelBak Circuit
CamelBak Circuit

The CamelBak Circuit ($85) running vest performs two critical tasks for runners: Hydration from its 1.5-liter Antidote reservoir and efficient running with good form. How so?

When one arm holds a water bottle, it will have less motion than the other and cause one stride to be shorter than the other.

This asymmetry in your running stride can cause one side of your body to fatigue sooner than the other. Fatigue and muscle imbalance could lead to injury in the long term. The CamelBak Circuit keeps your hands free and body hydrated while running.

Here‘s what I‘ve concluded, and what you can expect, from the CamelBak Circuit during your long runs.


  • The back pouch holds a 5-liter Antidote reservoir and is plenty of water for my 15-mile runs.
  • Two front stretch pockets can hold additional water bottles for even longer runs. I use them to hold my phone because, well, fifteen miles is long enough for me.
  • Small “envelope” pocket on the chest allows for quick-access items. I use it to hold my iPod.
  • Secure zip sweat-proof pocket for car keys or other items you want to keep dry and secure.


  • The vest is comfortable and not constricting at all. In the cooler months, you‘ll also find that it adds a touch of warmth to your core without causing you to overheat. Especially if you‘re wearing a lightweight merino wool top that both naturally regulates body temperature and wicks moisture.
  • The vest should not move when you‘re running. If it does, simply tighten the straps to avoid chafing.
  • I have worn this vest both with short-sleeved shirts and spaghetti straps. No underarms were pinched or chafed.
  • A full bladder adds weight but it‘s so well-distributed you don‘t feel it. What‘s nice is that as you deplete your water, and the weight of the vest decreases, the elasticity of the bladder pouch retracts to reduce the sloshing. You can also adjust the side compression straps at any time during your run.
  • At a total weight of 9.5 ounces (without the 1.5-liter Antidote bladder), the Circuit is minimalistic in design.


  • The Circuit has two side adjustment straps and two sternum straps that accommodate chest sizes from narrow and petite to ample and beefy.
  • I‘m on the small size but I had no problem adjusting straps to fit me comfortably enough that the vest didn‘t flop around.


  • I‘ve had my CamelBak Circuit since March, so I experienced the 40-degree days of spring, the 80-degree days of summer and now the 70-degree days of fall. Regardless of the temperature, I still worked up enough of a sweat while wearing the Circuit to notice that the perforated back panel does a decent job of wicking moisture.

Find your CamelBak Circuit on Amazon!

CamelBak Relay
CamelBak Relay

Running vest not your thing? Add water to your hydration belt or water bottle with the CamelBak Relay ($36.99). It‘s a unique filter technology system that filters water twice – once as the pitcher is filled and again as water is poured. A pair of side-locking latches keeps the lid in place and ensures spill-proof pouring either into a glass, water bottle or hydration pack.The filter lasts four months and replaces 600 disposable bottles. Filters cost $12/1 filter or $28.50/pack of 3 filters. Because you can never have enough hydration systems.

Find your CamelBak Relay on Amazon!

Win a CamelBak Circuit or a CamelBak Relay!

All runners have that special place that they go to that gets them through. For me, it‘s imagining that my fatigue is the result of mile 92 at a 4:32 pace in the Leadville 100 to maintain my impressive lead, instead of mile 3 of a half-marathon.

I want to hear about your special place and so does CamelBak, who are generously donating a CamelBak Circuit running vest and a CamelBak Relay to help you stay hydrated while you ramp up the miles this fall.

To enter, shoot me an email at by Midnight, October 9th. Tell me about your special running  place to be entered into the drawing to win a FREE CamelBak Circuit or CamelBak Relay.

Your entry can be one sentence or twenty paragraphs. Make me laugh, make me cry. Go as “far” as you need to within the confines of a PG-13 response.

Winners will be announced October 10th.  The Circuit and Relay will ship directly from CamelBak. Open to entrants with a US address only.

– Marie

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the CamelBak Circuit running vest for free from CamelBak, in consideration for review publication. 

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