Klymit Insulated Static V Lite

Klymit Insulated Static V Lite

The Insulated Static V Lite is one of the newest offerings from Klymit. I have found the Static V series of sleeping pads to be comfortable to sleep on, and they offer a lot of value. A friend of mine turned me onto Klymit when he reported that his Static V worked great for him in the hammock. As you will see, I like the Klymit pads for both hammock and tent use.

Klymit uses body mapping technology in the Insulated Static V Lite to provide warmth and insulation where it is needed. Voids in their pads allow the sleeping bag to expand underneath you so that the otherwise compressed insulation becomes useful. Instead of a sleeping bag, a quilt was used to test the Insulated Static V Lite when temperatures dropped into the low 40‘s. A camping quilt does not have insulation underneath like a sleeping bag and cannot fill those voids. Even with no sleeping bag insulation below, I slept warmly on the Insulated Static V Lite.

The air chambers of the Insulated Static V Lite are v-shaped just like you might think. I‘ve used this pad as well as other camping pads in my double layer hammock. Some pads tend to stay in place better than others and I‘ve found the Static V series performs well here. The v-shaped chambers seem to bend and form to the hammock much better than the long straight chambers. As the pad curves and deforms with the hammock, it tends to get narrower and so once in a while my shoulders got cold. Using the pad slightly under inflated seems to work best in the hammock.

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On the ground, in a tent, the Insulated Static V Lite lies flat and comfortable. Adjusting the firmness of the pad with more or less air seems to be the key for me. The pad needs enough air to not bottom out but adding too much air seems to feel awkward across my shoulders when lying on my back. I‘m about 6‘ 1” tall and measure about 21 to 22 inches across the shoulders. After a few nights of sleep, I‘ve found a few comfortable sleeping positions that work great. At home, I tend to sleep with my elbow under my head with my legs straight. Sleeping this way, my toes hang off of the end of the pad but by bending my knees just a bit everything works well.

The Insulated Static V Lite is made from a 30D polyester fabric that is comfortable to sleep on. There isn‘t any annoying crinkling noise when moving about on the pad. When making large movements, air shifts between the chambers of the pad and makes a little squeaking sound sometimes.

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At 19.6 ounces or 556 grams the Insulated Static V Lite is pretty light. An R-Value of 4.4 is achieved using synthetic fiber insulation. When inflated, the pad measures 72″ x 23″ x 2.5″ and it packs down to 5” x 8”. Inflating the pad in ten big breaths is no problem and it is easy to deflate. When fully deflated, the top and bottom layers of the pad are nearly perfectly flat which allows for easy packing into the included stuff sack. The Insulated Static V Lite comes with a patch kit and Klymit provides a limited lifetime warranty.

I think the Klymit Insulated Static V offers superb value at an MSRP of $99.95. The comfort, size and weight of the pad are impressive at that price. Check out all of Klymit‘s products at klymit.com.

– Mark

Like most of our readers, we have a limited budget for our gear, so I’d like to thank Klymit for proving a pad for review.  Being able to test and review products and pass that information along allows us to pay it forward in a way that benefits everybody.

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