Footbalance Partners With Retül, Provider of the World‘s Most Advanced Bike Fit Products and Education Services

Retül brings a global reputation of success and experience to broaden knowledge of custom footbeds among bike fitters

Boulder, CO’”March 28, 2013 –Footbalance, an innovator in custom footbed technology, is proud to announce a partnership with Retül. Retül, the leader in three dimensional, motion capture bike fit technology, will incorporate the Footbalance System custom analysis and molding process into its educational offerings.


Retül University is an international learning center where fitters can learn a science-based, data-driven approach to fitting cyclists with bikes. From now on, Retül University will offer a Cycling Specific Footbeds course, where a Retül fitter will be taught the Footbalance custom analysis and molding process.  This includes molding Footbalance‘s full line of custom footbeds for cyclists in fewer than 10 minutes using the Footbalance Recommendation System (FRS) software to provide a free overview of users‘ foot dynamics and stance.

“Retül takes pride in being the leading data driven fit system globally,” says Retül University‘s Global Manager Matt Smith. “And now, with Footbalance, we are able to take our expertise even further by offering custom molded footbeds for an even more precise fit, which will result in a more well rounded set of fitting tools for our certified fitters and most importantly, gives riders better power transfer and comfort on the bike,”

Since Footbalance footbeds help facilitate proper alignment of feet and ankles which can affect stability, prevent injury and improve performance, Footbalance North America sales director Chris Griffin says the system is perfect for cyclists.  “By adding custom molded footbeds to their program, cyclists will have better comfort and responsiveness with their pedals, which should give them more confidence and more effective training and racing,” says Griffin.


With its North American Headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Footbalance was developed by a Finnish physiotherapist specializing in podiatric medicine. The system enables the rapid production of fully customized footbeds at retail stores in less than ten minutes. Available for fittings at shops and special events across the US and Canada, Footbalance footbeds support your feet in proper alignment to promote healthy foot function, improving overall body alignment.

In late 2007, Retül launched its signature 3D motion capture bicycle fitting system. Five years later and now with over 400 Retül systems across the globe, we have developed additional best-in-class fitting tools such as the Retül Müve dynamic fit bike and software solutions such as Retül Frame Finder.

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