Four random cycling articles – a little something for everyone

Between day jobs, life, families, and juggling multiple product reviews, (coming out next week) there’s not much time this week to knock out the kind of high quality articles our readers have come to expect. Don’t despair though – we’ve found some articles on other sites that are worth sharing. In no particular order:

CNN’s weak attempt to explain how the bicycle changed the world for women is an interesting read. While the actual topic of the article is broached only lightly, it reads more as a thinly veiled pitch for a book about women and cycling that was recently published. You’ll have to read the article for more info on that. And lest you think we’re mocking the idea of women and cycling, see this explanation that Jennifer Steketee, President of Harlot Clothing Co. (ride bikes, be fabulous) gives for the name of her company.

With a name like, you can’t go wrong. Their article on Japanese delivery bicycles will touch a nerve with anyone who appreciates classic bicycles as well as those that are reluctant to part with their vintage iron. Props to Katsumi Yatabe, who at 82, has been in the bicycle business for 65 years. Keep rolling, Mr. Yatabe.

London Cyclist offers us an interesting article on a bicycle helmet constructed of corrugated cardboard. Anyone that’s spent any time on cycling forums will recognize the path that the comments at the end of the article take. For twenty seconds, the design and construction of the helmet is contemplated, then it turns into folks taking sides on the for/against helmets argument. Good times. Check back often on that one.

We’re geeks. We like gadgets. Especially cycling gadgets. Think Geek (stuff for smart masses) may never be able to top woot! for their product descriptions, but the Bicycle Spoke LED Light comes pretty close with this sweet line: Also looks like those cycles made out of light from that movie with the computers and things. There’s even an embedded Youtube video. (Of the lights, not the movie) Fun stuff.

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Cycling For Beginners

I use one of those LEDs on my front wheel on flashing when I ride at night. Gives me a little more side visibility — especially nice sitting at a stoplight so people don’t cut the corner short and hit me. Best, Rob

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