Fox River American Ragg Wool Crew Socks

Fox River’s American Ragg Wool Crew Socks have kept my feet happy for close to a month and have quickly become my go to sock. If there is any article of clothing you should spend time and money on, it’s your socks. Fox River thinks so too, because unhappy feet equals an unhappy person. According to Fox River, too many times the boot or shoe gets blamed for not working right, when in reality, it’s the sock that is the problem.

Comfort: As we all know comfort is king. If it’s not comfortable, you are not going to wear them. These socks are very comfortable. Featuring just enough thickness and padding to keep from getting blisters, but not too thick that you can’t fit your shoes on your feet without bunching inside your shoe.

Fox River's American Ragg Wool Crew Socks in khaki
Fox River’s American Ragg Wool Crew Socks in khaki

Durability: Fox River American Ragg Wool Crew socks are made in the USA, unlike a lot of companies who have their socks made in foreign countries, which can lead to lower quality standards. The socks that were tested feature a flat toe box seam for long lasting comfort and durability.

Features: The American Ragg Wool sock line are designed for use in cold weather, and made from merino wool that keeps your feet itch free. Unlike traditional wool socks, a two layer system keeps your feet dry and comfy. Fox River‘s patented Wick Dry® Health System is designed to help keep feet dry and comfortable, no matter what the temperature. The inner layer of moisture-repelling (hydrophobic) yarn with an outer layer of moisture-attracting (hydrophilic) yarn wicks moisture away from the feet.

Fox River's American Ragg Wool Crew Socks in turquoise
Fox River’s American Ragg Wool Crew Socks in turquoise

Care: Fox River suggests that their socks be washed inside-out with warm water and no bleach. Drying can be done by hang dry or a low tumble dry. Dry cleaning is not suggested and may damage the socks.

Final thoughts: I have personally worn these socks with casual shoes, work boots, dress boots, and even a few times in the yard with no shoes. Being made from Merino wool, these socks refuse to get stinky or grungy. In fact I wore them 4 days in a row without any odor at all. The Fox River American Ragg Crew Socks kept my feet very comfortable in temperatures from the mid 50’s to low 30’s Fahrenheit. Not once did my feet get hot or sore, even after doing 5 hours of trail work on my local mountain bike trails.

Find Fox River socks on Amazon!

With their MSRP of $15.99 a pair, these socks may only appeal to people who will test the socks to their full ability outdoors. However, the average person logs 70,000 miles on their feet in their lifetime. Wouldn’t you rather invest in a good pair of socks to keep you and your feet happy? I know I would! Pick up a pair of Fox River’s American Ragg Wool Crew Socks here or visit for more information and to view their full line of socks.


Like most of our readers, we have a limited budget for our gear, so I‘d like to thank Fox River for providing their new American Ragg Merino Wool Socks for review.  Being able to test and review products and pass that information along allows us to pay it forward in a way that benefits everybody.

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