Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick

The Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick combines two useful photography accessories into one. This selfie stick has a built in battery with 5200 mAh built right into the grip. The Quickpod comes with mounts for a GoPro, cell phone, or digital cameras, and has a standard threaded tripod stud if you device can be screwed directly on.

Charging the battery works just like many other USB devices. There are connection ports covered by a rubber flap on the handle of the stick. Just plug a cord into the micro USB port and allow the battery to charge. A series of LED‘s in the handle show how full the battery is. Any cable that uses a standard USB connection at the source can be used to charge your gear.

The handle of the Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick has a nice rubberized coating that provides a good grip and is about 5 inches long by 1 ½ inches in diameter. The diameter of the grip might be a bit large because it contains the battery, but the grip is comfortable and easy to hang onto. I‘d say my hands are average size, but I do wear size large gloves. Little kids might have a trouble getting fingers around the handle, but most should find the grip just about right.

Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick
Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick

A small dome shaped mirror is on the mounting head to show that you are in frame. When the selfie stick is extended the full 32 inches, the image in the mirror is small but visible. A large tightening knob and positive locking detents hold the head of the stick in place really well. Twist locks on the three extendable sections hold firmly whether fully or partly extended.

A thick, soft, removable wrist strap is included. A cord lock is provided to cinch the wrist strap and prevent the user from dropping the stick. A nice carabiner is also included to clip the selfie stick onto a backpack. The included storage bag holds everything well enough and is basically a simple tube with a cinch closure top.

Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick
Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick

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The Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick weighs about 12.1 ounces with the included GoPro mount and wrist strap attached. With the cell phone mount, the stick weighed just less than 13 ounces., and the total weight will depend on the gear mounted. I am planning to carry this stick while backpacking. My normal setup is to use a trekking pole with a separate external battery. This saves weight, but stopping to mount my cell phone on the trekking pole and then disassembling is a real hassle. The Quickpod does not add a lot of weight and is much more convenient. I think I will take more pictures and video with the extra ease of use.

Digipower says the battery of the Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick will provide up to extra 10 hours of run time. I suppose this will vary depending on the device you are using. The battery charges my Samsung Galaxy S5 just fine but I haven‘t done a total run time test.

MSRP on the Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick is $79.99. Click here to head over to the Digipower website.

– Mark

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