Aero Tech Designs Windstopper Tights

If you run, ride, or ski in the winter, you’ll want to have a look at the Aero Tech Designs Windstopper Tights. These wind and water-proof tights are great for cold weather sports where you want to stay warm without bulk. I wear them when playing in the snow on my fat bike, and they allow me to stay out longer, and enjoy activities in temps where I would normally hide inside, with a cup of hot cocoa.

Like their Windproof Thermal Softshell jacket I reviewed last week, these tights are made with a three layer material. The outer layer has been treated to repel water. It’s laminated to a middle layer that breathes well, so you stay warm, but sweat is wicked away. On the inside, they have a soft fleece lining. Together, this keeps you warm and dry without overheating or getting damp from within.


Aero Tech Designs Windstopper Tights
Photo courtesy Aero Tech Designs

There are so many features, it’s best to start from the top, and work my way down. A drawstring and stretch panel complements the elasticized waist, so it grips well, and you can adjust the fit a little. From the waist to the knee, I counted ten panels, so it conforms to my shape with no bunching, and allows me to spin or mash with comfort. At the knee, there are a few smaller panels, with more stretch panels behind the knee, so it bends with you. This lets them (and you) perform well whether you are pedaling, running, or cross country skiing. Below the knee, there is a zipper that goes well above the ankle, and has a reflective strip. This allows you to get the tights on and off, without taking off your shoes. It also means a snug fit at the ankle, to keep the cold out. And of course, that reflective strip is at a point where your body moves the most, so while it’s not a huge bright flash, it’s effective for its size.


Aero Tech Designs Windstopper Tights
Photo courtesy Aero Tech Designs

Aero Tech Designs offers these Windstopper Tights in sizes from small to 6XL, so they have some for just about anyone. I found them to be a good fit, even though I am on the stocky side. Note that for the best fit, you need to use their sizing chart. The lack of pockets was not a concern, as my jacket has three, plus I have plenty of room on my bike. Of course, the most important thing to consider is how warm they are. I didn’t test them down to their -5F rating, but they were more than warm enough from 20-30 F, even when crawling along in the snow at 8-9MPH. The fleece lining feels nice against the skin, and they seal well against the wind and cold. Normal retail is $129, but it pays to keep an eye out for their sales. Even at full retail, they are a bargain, and you’re not likely to find any other tights with this much cold weather performance. So if you want to extend your time outside this winter, head over to, and get outfitted for the cold.

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Windstopper Tights  for free from Aero Tech Designs in consideration for review publication.

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