Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick

The Digipower Quickpod Dynamic Power Selfie Stick combines two useful photography accessories into one. This selfie stick has a built in battery with 5200 mAh built right into the grip. The Quickpod comes with mounts for a GoPro, cell phone, or digital cameras, and has a standard threaded tripod stud if you device can be … Read more

The Pedco UltraPod Grip Tripod

The Pedco UltraPod Grip is a new tripod in the UltraPod lineup. The UltraPod Grip weighs 3.2 ounces, is pretty compact, and can deliver secure and precise adjustability for your camera of choice. The UltraPod Grip fits anything fitted with a ΒΌ-20 threaded mount. A ball and socket assembly positions devices at any angle. A … Read more