The Pedco UltraPod Grip Tripod

Pedco UltraPod Grip Tripd

The Pedco UltraPod Grip is a new tripod in the UltraPod lineup. The UltraPod Grip weighs 3.2 ounces, is pretty compact, and can deliver secure and precise adjustability for your camera of choice. The UltraPod Grip fits anything fitted with a ¼-20 threaded mount. A ball and socket assembly positions devices at any angle. A strap made of Velcro can be used to mount the tripod on a hiking pole, tree, park bench, railing, and more. Rubber over-molded grips on the rear legs hold the tripod in place when attached to a support. The Pedco UltraPod Grip is made of glass-filled nylon resin with aluminum threaded components. The max safe load is 6 pounds, and when folded, it is only 7.25″ x 2″ x 2.25″.

I have not tested the Pedco UltraPod Grip but have been using the Pedco UltraPod 1 for over 12 years now. I bought this little tripod to take family photos at theme parks, on hikes, and occasions like that. The UltraPod 1 is a smaller version of the UltraPod Grip and it can‘t support as much weight. Our UltraPod 1 has been used with point and shoot cameras, a DSLR Canon, and I have a tripod adapter for my cell phone as well. The holding power of the tripod head has never been an issue.

We have carried our little UltraPod 1 in backpacks, pants pockets, my wife‘s purse and we‘ve taken it everywhere. This tripod has been dropped, stepped on, sat on, ground in the dirt and more. Our UltraPod 1 is as good as it was the day I bought it except for the scratches and wear it has received from being used. The Velcro strap is getting a bit worn and I may fit the tripod with a replacement, but other than that, this little guy still performs like a champ. The UltraPod Grip is constructed similarly and is made from the same materials, so I see no reason why the Pedco UltraPod Grip tripod shouldn‘t last for years.

The MSRP for the UltraPod Grip is $24.99, so you can pick up this handy accessory fairly easily and not break the bank. Pedco is a division of Industrial Revolution, Inc., a Seattle-based company that makes and distributes products enjoyed by outdoor enthusiasts all over the world. For more info, visit or head over to to check out Pedco and other great gear for the outdoors.

– Mark

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