Freewaters – Footwear For A Cause

Freewaters Scamp
Freewaters Scamp

Freewaters is a footwear company that is about more than comfy shoes and sandals. Rather than just making products (and money), they are making change. Not loose change like you find in your couch cushions, but real change. Two Product Design students, Eli and Martin, created a business model that turns some of the profits into clean drinking water around the world.

After meeting with their reps at a local trade show, we were stoked at the idea of just sharing their story. But we realized that not everyone is going to buy into a product just because the company is run by super chill dudes that care about the health and well-being of strangers on the other side of the world. So we took them up on their offer to try out some Freewaters sandals, with the logic that if you’re looking for some new footwear, we can help you make a smart decision that will comfort your soles and soul.

On that note, I’ve been rockin’ the Scamp, which is a Vegan-friendly, ultra-comfy sandal with a subtle rasta-theme and an MSRP of $40. When I can’t be barefoot, they have been my go-to footwear of choice lately. They’ve got a sponge rubber sole that keeps me upright in the wet or dry on all surfaces. The Therm-a-Rest footbed is soft and inviting, and the arch support does its job without being intrusive. Fans of minimalist shoes, and those needing a bit of support should both be pleased. For all their laid back coolness, they’re still nice enough for me to wear them with shorts on very casual days at work. Oh, they mention water based glues, which is a nice touch too. What really got me was their limited lifetime warranty. It’s void of technical jargon, and pretty much just states that if anything comes apart before you wear your way through them, they’ll cover it, and all you need to do is send some photos. They won’t waste your time and money having you send them back so they can throw them away. That’s refreshing.

Freewaters Scamp
Definitely walked more than a mile in them before I judged them

Speaking of refreshing, you’ll need to visit the Freewaters site to read the stats about access to clean water, and what Freewaters is doing to help save and improve lives. You’ll find some cool info on the well drilling technique they support too. I also like their simple mantra: “do some good“. And their efforts to create positive change, “step by step” are fitting for a footwear company, but I think that notion comes from the heart, and not their marketing director. For that reason, (and because they really do make some sweet kicks), I hope you’ll give them a closer look, and throw some support their way. Check out the full line at

– Brian

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the Freewaters Izzy sandals for free from Freewaters, in consideration for review publication. – That’s the part we’re legally required to post, but really, I’m so stoked by this company that I would have written about them anyway.

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