Freewaters Kaamper

Kaamper might seem like an odd name for a sandal, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Freewaters named this model the Kaamper, because the footbed is Therm-a-Rest camping pad foam. So the real question is, does walking on Therm-a-Rest feel as good as sleeping on it?

First, a bit about the Kaamper. This vegan sandal has a synthetic leather strap lined with neoprene. That makes it quite comfy, but it also plays nice around the water. So don’t be afraid to wear them at the pool, beach, or river. You won’t end up with some ugly rash. Since I already mentioned the footbed, we’ll skip to the bottom of the Kaamper. For extra grip, the bubble outsole is hard to beat. It’s soft, but not too soft, and doesn’t slip in the wet.

Freewaters Kaamper Sandal (Image courtesy of Freewaters)
Freewaters Kaamper Sandal (Image courtesy of Freewaters)

So what are they like? Well, I wear them every day. Our workplace dress code allows shorts and sandals, and I take advantage of that as much as possible. I wear them everywhere. Other than a wedding in May, I’m pretty sure I’ve worn them every day, either during or after work. The only time I put on real shoes was for some hiking. And then, only in June, after I ran into my first rattlesnake of the season. Take a look at the photo above. Now look at the one below. That’s a lot of hard miles.

My Freewaters Kaamper Sandal after 7+ months of use
My Freewaters Kaamper Sandal after 7+ months of use

The real test for the Kaamper was actually the Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. During this trade show, I walk several miles, and never get a chance to sit for more than a few minutes. After suffering a broken toe in what has since been referred to as “the beer cart incident”, I usually wear sturdy hiking shoes there. But by the third day, my feet were not content to wear my Kaampers after the show, so I wore them to the show. That meant 9-6, no breaks, no rest. Walk. Talk. Drink some beer. Walk more. Talk more. Another beer. Really, it’s not much different than hanging out during the summer. But at the end of the day, my feet had no complaints.

My Freewaters Kaamper Sandal after 7+ months of use - they've got sole and soul left
My Freewaters Kaamper Sandal after 7+ months of use – they’ve got sole and soul left

Find them on Amazon!

I’m a big guy, and I’m fussy about foot comfort. When I find something that works, I stick with it. Freewaters provided me with these sandals when I showed them the hole I had nearly worn through my last pair. Because they stand behind their products. And they have a great story too. My Kaampers may get a break this winter, but I’m sure before next summer, I’ll have worn them out. There is no question that I’ll be looking for another pair of Freewaters to replace them with. If you want to treat your feet well, you should take a peek at the rest of their footwear –


A special thanks to Freewaters for providing their Kaamper for review. It’s been many miles of nothing but comfort.

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