My French Press One-Cup Coffee Brewer

My French Press fresh pressed OneCup coffee

My French Press One-Cup Coffee Brewer is the perfect product for kicking off National Preparedness Month. Each September, we try to raise awareness of National Preparedness Month by sharing products and gear that would serve you equally well as part of your next outdoor adventure, but not be out of place in a 72 hour kit. If you’re not a coffee drinker, this article may not mean too much to you. But if you prefer to start every day with a nice hot cup of coffee, read on.

The folks at Rogers Family Company, who run, really impressed us with their 97% biodegradable OneCup single serve coffees for the K-Cup® system. I’ve already made the switch to them at home and work. Not only are they better for the environment, but I feel like their extraction not only results in better tasting coffee, but more caffeine too. If there was one drawback, it’s that without electricity, you better have a backup plan for coffee.

My French Press One-Cup Coffee Brewer

Enter the My French-Press One-Cup Coffee Brewer. They provided the one pictured for this review. This self-contained, French Press type coffee maker uses the OneCup coffees, but requires no electricity. Place a OneCup in its holder below the cylinder that the plunger mechanism fits in, then attach that to the mini carafe. Most of the time, you can just fill it to the desired level, and pop the blue measuring cup/plunger into the microwave. It’s marked at 6, 8, and 10 ounce increments, for easy measuring of water. With no electricity, you’ll need to boil water on your camp stove, which can be part of your emergency kit when you’re not camping. Once it’s reached 195-205 degrees, pour it into the clear cylinder, and slowly press the plunger down. No need to rush, as a slow and steady action yields the best cup. From there, carefully pour into your favorite (or the most handy) coffee cup or mug. Save the used OneCup for your compost bin or garden. It’s that easy.

Getting ready to press some coffee

All the parts of the press can be hand washed, and are dishwasher safe. It doesn’t take up much space, and it’s very easy to use. The only drawback I can find is that I prefer my coffee in 16 ounces servings. But it makes up for that in other ways. If you can’t have an electric coffee maker at work, you can still have fresh hot coffee. Don’t want a big ugly machine on your kitchen counter? No worries. Want the ease of single serve coffee while camping? My French Press has got you covered. And whether it’s an extended power outage, or you just need to stay awake so you can keep the zombies at bay, the importance of good coffee can’t be stressed enough. While that may not seem all that serious, it really is. In times of emergency, being able to maintain certain parts of your daily routine is a great way to cope. And zombies never sleep.

For more info on the Rogers Family Company, check out our review of the biodegradable OneCup. Not only do they offer fine coffees and teas along with accessories, they’re also socially and environmentally responsible. So you’ll feel good about supporting them, with each delicious sip.

– Brian


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