Fyxation Rubber On My Windsor The Hour

While normally having many bikes means having a choice, that’s not the case any more. I loaned my neighbor’s son my bike so he could ride to work, and he’s been having such a great time, I feel bad asking for it back. His old school ten speed needed too much work, and we were going to convert it to a single speed, so I let him try my Windsor The Hour. He was amazed at how much faster he could go with only one gear, rather than ten. Sure, he probably dropped nine pounds of bike too, but he’s hooked now, and I feel responsible.

Before he appropriated my bike, I had thrown on a pair of Fyxation Session 700 tires. These whitewalls on my yellow bike earned it the nickname “Scrambled eggs”. They’re 700x28c tires, with 120 TPI construction, a Kevlar belt, and a diamond tread pattern. While I’m not into either tricks or skidding, (riding single speed, not fixed) I certainly appreciate both the cushion a wider tire offers on our crappy streets, and the massive traction these tires provide. It could just be in my head, but it seems like the wrap-around tread has saved me more than once when cooking through a corner with more speed than I have any business going. And they hardly look worn, even though they’ve got a couple hundred miles on them already. My guess is that they should hold up well for quite some time.

Based on my time riding them, here are some observations.

Pros: They look good, handle great, and seem to be built well. Wide color choices, including solid colors, or colored whitewalls. Since the Fyxation guys are less than an hour from me, I can count on next day shipping. If you can’t find them locally, you can probably get them shipped within a few days.

Cons: Price may be a factor for some. While $50 is hardly expensive in the world of bicycle tires, that may be steep if you do a lot of skidding and go through a back tire every month. Weight may also be an issue, but since they seem to wear well and resist punctures, that too may not be a deal-breaker for everyone.

And let’s face it. Some guys (and girls) and going to get them just so they can coordinate them with the Fyxation BMX and Track grips. As long as you’re riding, it’s all good.

Windsor The Hour fixed gear with Fyxation whitewall tires

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Nice set of wheels Brian….where do I get me one / some of those?

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