Gerber MP1 and Myth Hatchet – Be Prepared

When we asked our contact at Gerber which items would be a good fit for National Preparedness Month, they replied by sending us the MP1 Multi-Tool and Myth Hatchet for our review. One is handy for every day tasks, the other is perfect for camping and outdoor use, and both would be right at home in your 72 hour kit too.

Gerber MP1 Multi-tool

First up is the MP1. Gerber took the novel approach of sticking to just the tools you need. Instead of 56 functions that weigh a ton, they only included the ones you are most likely to use. That would be spring loaded pliers, a trio of knife blades, two flat blade screwdrivers, a #2 phillips in a universal magnetic driver, and a pry bar with a bottle opener. All this is wrapped in tough G-10 handles, for a secure and comfortable grip, and it comes with a polyester sheath. It’s also assembled in Portland, Oregon, providing jobs for American workers.

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Spend some time with this tool, and you will appreciate the design. Blades open and lock in place smoothly, and a simple sliding wedge lock allows them to fold back in. No lifting one tool to close another. We’ve been remodeling, and I used the MP1 for slicing open boxes of laminate, pulling nails, prying open cans, and stripping wire for new switches. The bit holder was great for light work like electrical switches, but doorknobs and hinges had me reaching for a ratcheting driver. After comparing the spring loaded jaws to a multi-tool I’ve had for 15+ years, I feel like I’ve been doing it wrong this whole time. The spring is light, but makes a big difference.

The Myth Hatchet was intended for dressing game, but it’s hardly a single-purpose tool. It has all the features we want in a compact axe. At 9.2 inches and 14.8 ounces, it’s small and light enough to carry on your belt or in your pack all day long, yet with enough weight to still be efficient when it comes to cutting. The grip material and shape fits my hand, and as Gerber notes, is “grippy but not sticky”. A forged blade holds a sharp edge, and stays sharp. Use enough short chops, and it will cut through most anything.

Gerber Myth Hatchet

Find your Gerber Myth Hatchet on Amazon!

I used it in the yard to make some kindling for our fire pit, as well as light pruning which it handled with ease. Swing it like a trim hammer instead of a framing hammer, and that sharp blade will do all the work for you. While you probably won’t be building a raft or shelter with it, you can clear a trail, cut wood for a fire, or even prepare food in a pinch. And if you do hunt, the blade makes short work of that messy job. The sheath can be mounted on a belt, or you can lash it to your pack. I like the way the sheath securely snaps into the hole in the blade, yet releases easily with just one hand.

Both of these are great tools that can be had for well below Gerber’s SRP of $115 (MP1) and $48 (Myth). Once you get past food, water, and toilet paper, you may want to consider one or both of them for your 72 hour kit. They are both handy tools that will serve you well on a regular basis, or in an emergency.

– Brian

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