Stuffits. Get stuffed!

Well, your shoes should get stuffed. If you walk, jog, run, ride a bike, or engage in any activity that leaves you with damp, smelly shoes, check out Stuffits Shoe Savers.

Maybe you’ve been stuffing balled up newspaper into your shoes for years, and don’t see any reason to change.  But change is good, so on to the review.  According to the fact sheet provided with them, they are 100% cedar-filled, and remove moisture while eliminating odor in all types of footwear. Due to their fancy, patented wicking fabric, they dry shoes up to 8 times faster than air alone. Why is this good? Because it’s that wetness that allows all those smelly bacteria to stink up your fancy shoes.

When it came time to test them, I followed the simple instructions: Insert in shoe. That’s after your workout, by the way. And they work too. I tested them on my cycling shoes, which weren’t too bad to begin with, and they came out smelling like a freshly-cleaned hamster cage, rather than something you hide on the back porch when your date comes over. Once I was satisfied that they worked, I decided to subject them to some abuse. I have an old pair of leather shoes that don’t have any sort of ventilation, and they get pretty ripe. After a long day in them, even my dogs won’t touch them. And we know dogs aren’t usually fussy about smells. Well, I gave them the Stuffits treatment, (remember: insert in shoe) and by the next day, they were perfectly acceptable, with no offensive odors.

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no candidate for the “Stinkiest feet” competition. But some of my shoes do get on the nose a bit. And Stuffits provides a simple (insert in shoe) solution. Since they’re reusable, my inner green dude gives them a thumbs up. I’d like to thank Mike Huebner for giving me the opportunity to try a set out. If anyone else is interested, they should be able to find them at any good running store (and I imagine bike shops one of these days) or directly from They’re $24.95 and are available in 4 different sizes and some different color options. You can find comments from other stinky-feet here.

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