Good grief!

Employees at one of the two colleges close to my home are being encouraged to ride to work this month, as the school has declared May, “Bike to Work Month”. Not one to pull the plug on their creativity, I won’t point out to them that it happens to be National Bike to Work Month as well.

So why my smarminess? One of the planners of this month’s activities doesn’t even own a bike. But they’re giving away prizes to those that log the most miles, so she’s going to ride a stationary bike. Rather than go out and get some fresh air, stay home and log some hard miles in front of the TV. That’s really giving it up for the environment.

It makes my head hurt.

I’ll announce the winner of the Slime Presta Digital Tire Gauge tomorrow.

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Ride a stationary bike? What, does she live at her office? Makes my head hurt also.

I hate riding indoors. I tried several times over the years and I just cannot do it. I need the sensory stimulation of trees, ice, dogs chasing me, and all the other outdoor stuff to make a ride complete.

Dan Kaufman

You must interview this moron.


I’m speechless.

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