Grease Monkey Wipes – Don’t Be Afraid To Play Dirty!

Some time ago, I got a few samples of Grease Monkey Wipes to test. They’re pre-moistened, 8″x7″ degreasing towels made with an all natural, citrus-based degreaser, perfectly sized for your camelback, jersey pocket, under-seat bag, or wherever you choose to carry your spare tube and tool kit. Testing them should have been easy, except for one thing – I apparently have OCD when it comes to keeping my bikes clean. Unless I needed to repack a headset, I wasn’t going to get dirty enough to really test them out. Then I remembered the chain I took off a neighbor’s bike when we scrapped it. Not sure why this chain is still lying around my box of spares, but it was really nasty, and perfect for this test. This is it, with a clean section of BMX chain for comparison:

Dirty bicycle chains

Well, I fondled that chain far more than I would have for any normal repair, just to get my hands good and dirty. My wife didn’t even question what I was doing, but I could tell by her look that I probably should have taken my ring off first. Here’s the damage:

Dirty hands

I feel that the mess represents a fair simulation of a trail or roadside repair. Worse than I would normally get, unless I was helping out someone else. Enter the Grease Monkey Wipe:

Grease Monkey Wipes

I followed the directions – Open package. Remove towel. Wipe until clean. Dispose of properly. No water needed. There’s no mention of having your wife point out the spot you missed, but she did anyway. The towels have a pleasant citrus scent, and are somewhat reinforced. They won’t fall apart like a paper towel might, and I had to deliberately tear it to gauge its durability. Here are the results of my cleaning efforts:

Clean hands

Looking at the photo, you can see that there are a few small grease stains on my hands, but they’re otherwise clean. I don’t know what was on that chain, but it took some additional scrubbing to get the stains out, and I’m not faulting the product at all. The wipe left my hands clean enough for dinner, and I rate them two clean thumbs up. Best of all, the wipes also contain emollients such as Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, which leave your hands soft. This may not be a big deal to everyone, but anyone with a sensitivity to citrus should find this product non-irritating. Of course, the wipes are not limited to cyclist’s use. Keep a few in the car, your workshop, or your motorcycle saddlebag. Anywhere that you might need to give yourself a quick cleanup without the benefit of water.

You can purchase the wipes direct in many different forms from their online store, or use their convenient locator to find a retailer near you. If your LBS doesn’t carry them, send them to the locator page, and have them use the Contact link to get the ball rolling.

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