Groove Life Hero Loadout Celebrates America

I’ve been a fan of Groove Life since I first saw them at a tradeshow many years ago. They only had their rings then, but I’ve since picked up one of their belts as they are excellent, and doubly so for EDC. As they expanded their product lineup, they also rolled out some new designs. It was the Groove Life Hero Loadout that caught my eye, and that’s what I’m sharing today.

Groove Life Hero Loadout – Belt & Ring Set

Groove Life refers to this loadout as “The toughest ring and the best belt of all time.” Myself and other former writers for the site have been wearing the rings since 2017, and it’s hard to argue with their durability. As for the belt, I can’t say it’s the best belt of all time, but I also can’t really disagree. It’s definitely my favorite, and I’ve tried plenty of others. At a minimum, it’s the best I have used so far. And that says a lot.

The Hero belt

I selected the belt in Black/Deep Stone, which is a neutral shade of grey. And the American flag is nicely understated black and white. Classy, not flashy. Durable and sturdy 37mm webbing with a bit of stretch is what keeps pants up. That stretch makes for a great fit, and you don’t need to adjust it to carry your favorite firearm, or if you go overboard on some BBQ. Rigid belts are fine, but one with a little give is generally more comfortable.

Groove Life Hero Flag Belt.
Groove Life Hero Flag Belt.

Using technology called Stiff-Tech is the key to everything here.¬† Even though it’s pretty thin and light, it doesn’t fold over under a load. And it moves with me, whether walking, driving, sitting, hiking, or running from bears. In other words, it’s everything I could want in a belt, including infinite sizing. Because it just threads through the buckle, and can be easily adjusted the exact amount required. No more relying on evenly spaced holes that require a compromise of a little too loose or tight.

 About that buckle

Forget about pushing a prong through a hole in a belt. That’s old technology. Groove Life uses neodymium magnets and A380 aluminum to make a buckle that holds tight, but is easy to undo. Latches by themselves wouldn’t work so great without some tension on them. While magnets may offer good holding power, the belt would probably rotate around just magnets. Combine latches and magnets, and everything is groovy. This is what the Groove Belt does with its very strong 45mm tall buckle, and no moving parts. As soon as the two pieces of the buckles get close enough, it snaps together. In a rush to unbuckle? Just push them apart and the buckle unlatches. It’s deceptively simple.

Groove Life Hero Flag Belt buckle.
Groove Life Hero Flag Belt buckle.

Adjusting and wearing the Groove Life Hero belt

Threading the belt through the buckle does require a few minutes the first time it’s used. There’s some trial and error, but once you get it set, you can forget it. No counting holes. No shameful stretched and saggy hole when you gain or lose a little weight. Just slide the belt in or out of the buckle a bit. For day-to-day gains and losses, the belt should flex enough that it’s never an issue. Because Groove Life thinks of everything, there’s even a little keeper loop so the end is never untidy.

Groove Life Hero Flag Belt.
Groove Life Hero Flag Belt.

I like this color a lot. It goes with new or faded jeans, and my dozen or so pairs of shorts in shades of blue and black. If I want to carry my EDC, I don’t even need to adjust it – it has just enough stretch to accommodate my holster. It threads through most of my belt loops with ease. Previous belts with strong buckles usually required unthreading the belt part from the buckle to get it through the loops. Who’s got time for that? Keep it simple.

The Groove Ring Zeus Edge Hero America in Deep Stone Grey

My ring has an American flag on it, to match my belt buckle. And it’s far more than a simple silicone ring. An inner band helps to keep its shape, while it’s designed to break if you happen to catch it on something. I’ll take a broken ring over a missing finger any day, as I work with tools and machines quite a bit. Inside, there are some grooves for breathability. So it’s not as sweaty as a plain band can get. It comes in this cool little metal case, which is the only thing I don’t like about it. Probably because I don’t know what to do with it, and cardboard could just be recycled. That’s my sole complaint.

Groove Ring Zeus Edge Hero America in Deep Stone Grey.
Groove Ring Zeus Edge Hero America in Deep Stone Grey.


Why not a metal band?

Metal bands are great, if we’re talking concerts. But a band of metal around your finger isn’t always desirable. As mentioned, I work with tools and machines often. Even if you don’t, for things like riding a bike, mowing the lawn, or even pushing a stroller, a ring can be uncomfortable. Add a little flexibility, and that changes everything. Also, no one has attempted to rob me of my $59.95 ring. For the record, I still wear my actual wedding band on special occasions. But for everything else, there’s Groove Life.

Groove Ring Zeus Edge Hero America in Deep Stone Grey.
Groove Ring Zeus Edge Hero America in Deep Stone Grey.

What’s this fancy loadout going to cost?

Normally $129.90, the loadout is on sale for $99.95. You can save another 10% by using this link, or just entering code INDUSTRYOUTSIDER at checkout. While you’re there, check out the rest of the belts and rings, as well as wallets, watch bands, and even an Airpods case.

As always, I’d like to thank Groove Life for helping keep my pants off the ground, and keeping my ring finger safe from mechanical removal, while still being stylish.

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