Coming Soon: Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark

Tandemkross recently announced their new Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark pistols. As someone who has built two very nice custom Browning Buck Mark pistols, I am pretty excited about this new product. Previously, I have had to choose between iron sights or an optic. My solution was to build one Buck Mark with iron sights, and the other Buck Mark with an optic. Both are very accurate and fun to shoot. If I could only keep one, it would be the one with the optic. But the idea of being able to use an optic and still have functional iron sights holds a lot of appeal. And clearly, someone at Tandemkross thought so too. So here we are.

Spoiler alert. Review can be found here.

What does the Marksman Sight System offer?

This is a single product with two distinct feature sets. First, you get an optic mount drilled and tapped for most popular optics. That includes the Trijicon RMR and similar footprints. Additional holes allow for the Noblex/Docter footprint. That would encompass the Vortex Venom and Viper, plus the Burris FastFire series.  There are also options for the Shield RMS/SMS as well as Holosun K sights. And finally, the C-More RTS, which is the same as the Vortex Razor. Pretty much any common handgun optic will fit.

Complementing the optic is a fully adjustable fiber optic iron sight set. The front sight includes a red Light Pipe, but green is also available. Out back is a fully adjustable (windage and elevation) rear fiber optic sight. Best part? The sights are tall enough to co-witness with most optics. Yeah, no one is going into battle with their Browning Buck Mark, but having fiber optics that co-witness with a reflex sight is a nice setup. Especially if you’re using a fat rimfire suppressor.


Previously, I might have rolled my eyes at “aerospace-grade aluminum”. Regardless of the actual grade, TandemKross guarantees it for life. And it’s going on a rimfire, not a combat firearm. So I’m not overly concerned with knowing the exact pedigree of the material used. I’ve yet to have a TandemKross product fail on me, so that’s not a concern. As usual, they also include the hardware and tools necessary for installation. We can expect an informative and entertaining installation video soon as well, no doubt.

TandemKross Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark.
TandemKross Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark.

Why I want one, and why you might too

On my optic-equipped Browning Buck Mark, I have a Vortex Venom. This has been a very reliable optic, and I can shoot well with it. Yet I do like to keep my skills sharp, and prefer to use iron sights once in a while. Preferably irons with fiber optics (Although my defensive pistols are more likely to have tritium sights). Complicating this is the plain black front sight found on my TacSol Trail-Lite barrel. No fiber optic, and it is not very visible with my suppressor or a muzzle device mounted. The much taller fiber optics included with the Marksman Sight System solve all those problems. Visibility, adjustability, and versatility all in one tidy package. Bam! Or boom, as would be more appropriate for the pew pews.

Any downsides?

As impatient as I am, the first downside I see is that it’s not available yet. But it’s coming soon. Whether the expected price of $114.99 is a downside or not depends on a few factors. Yes, it’s not cheap. But it’s a fair price considering that you get an optics plate and a set of fiber optic sights. And they are designed to work together. To me, I see this as adding value. So not a downside.


As mentioned, it’s not for sale yet. But you can click on the TandemKross Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark link and sign up for notifications. Then you’ll be first in line to place an order.

Other Browning Buck Mark upgrades

If your Browning Buck Mark isn’t already performing at its peak potential, here are some links to past articles that cover upgrades I’ve done. They’ve taken these pistols from really good to really great, and all modifications are reversible and can be done at home with basic skills.

My Browning Buck Mark Mild Makeover article covers the TandemKross Halo Charging Ring, as well as their Eagle‘s Talon extractor, Fire Starter titanium firing pin, and the Striplin Eliminator stainless recoil guide rod. I also cover Green Springs Magazine Springs and Buck PRO Extended Magazine Bumpers in that article.

Browning Buck Mark with a few TandemKross reliability and performance upgrades
Browning Buck Mark with a few TandemKross reliability and performance upgrades.

Then there is my “Other Browning Buck Mark (a tale of two pistols)” article. This one gets into a barrel swap as well as the TandemKross Victory Trigger and GearBox install (very worthwhile). Plus, I added a compensator for when I’m not shooting suppressed. Together, these two articles cover some of the best and most important upgrades you can bestow on the already excellent Browning Buck Mark. Check them out, and feel free to share your experience or ask questions below.

Range day with the Browning Buck Mark, equipped with a Tactical Solutions Trail-Lite barrel and plenty of TandemKross upgrades.
Range day with the Browning Buck Mark, equipped with a Tactical Solutions Trail-Lite barrel and plenty of TandemKross upgrades.

*By “Coming soon”, I should point out that I plan on getting my hands on the TandemKross Marksman Sight System for Browning Buck Mark pistols as soon as possible. Check back soon for a review.

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