GSI Outdoors Wine Glass Gift Set

GSI Wine Glass Gift Set – On The Go

For those that love a great meal during their adventures, GSI Outdoors provides a wide array of products for all sorts of situations. As with all GSI products, the Wine Glass Gift Set is well thought out and very functional. The set includes two nesting wine glasses, a 750 ml carafe and an insulated tote with its own strap. All you need to do is add the wine or other beverage of your choice to complete the setup.

The GSI nesting wine glasses are pretty ingenious. The stem of the glass screws into the bottom of the bowl to form a complete glass. When not in use, the rim of the bowl locks onto a decorative ring on the foot of the glass to form a really compact, sturdy unit for carrying. Both glasses fit into a zippered side pocket of the carrying case. For enjoying wine in the backcountry, these glasses are great. They are a clear plastic and although not fine crystal, they are comfortable to hold and add a bit of rustic style.

Each set also includes a soft 750 ml carafe that holds an entire bottle of vino, and is fitted with a handy two stage cap. Take the cap completely off to open a larger sized hole for filling the carafe. A clean funnel could be used to help in pouring the wine into the carafe, but I had no problem pouring straight from the bottle. A secondary, ball shaped cap screws onto the top and when removed exposes a small hole for pouring. The flow is controlled well through the small opening and you will have no problems pouring without spilling any of that great tasting merlot or shiraz. A re-writeable area is provided on the carafe for labeling the contents.

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The GSI Wine Glass Gift Set carrying case is made of neoprene to insulate the carafe. The neoprene is plenty sturdy and should help to protect the carafe from puncture. A stowable, zippered pocket can be tucked behind the carafe when not in use, and holds the wine glasses. An adjustable strap is attached to the tote and makes carrying everything easy.

Now we shouldn‘t worry about the technical specifications of the Wine Glass Gift Set because enjoying a great glass in the outdoors is totally worth it. Just in case you have to know, the weight of the gift set is stated to be 12 ounces on the GSI website. The overall dimensions of the carrying tote are 9.7 x 3.2 x 12 inches.

With an MSRP of $39.95, the GSI Wine Glass Gift Set makes a great gift. Give the GSI Wine Glass Gift Set to someone on your list, or go get one for your significant other, and stop by the local store for a bottle of your favorite red or white. Find a nice quiet spot and enjoy. Check it and all of the other great GSI gear at

– Mark

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the GSI Wine Glass Gift Set for free from GSI Outdoors in consideration for review publication.

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