February 22, 2024
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Great review! I have the exact same wagon purchased in December 2014 and I love it! It’s so sturdy. However… my terriers escape too often so I need to try to get hold of a restraint as I’m not sure that even putting the tailgate over the top of the cover will help!

Wayne K

Hi Alex, Thank you for this review. There aren’t many recumbent trike w/ pet-trailer riders sharing their experience out there. My wife and I both ride recumbent trikes (TerraTrike Tour 2 w/ 26″ rear wheels). We’ve recently adopted a wonderful 12 lbs dog that will be joining us on our rides and after some serious online research I was leaning toward purchasing the Tail Wagon. I had some concerns about attaching the trailer as we too are set up much like you with fenders and a rear rack… so thanks for addressing that aspect also.
I’d like to ask what your experience has been regarding road spray and dust/dirt being kicked up on the trailer and your dogs? Much of our riding is on packed gravel canal towpaths which can get very dusty in the arid summer months. Would you share a little follow up on this, and perhaps anything else that comes to mind after your initial review? The insight from your experience would be very much appreciated.

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