Stanley Spirits Collection and Coffee System

Stanley Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set

Stanley products are commonly seen around work-sites, but they are just as appropriate for campsites. If you enjoy celebrating a long hike or big ride with a beer or by sipping your favorite bourbon as much as I do, the Stanley Spirits Collection has just what you need. Should you want a caffeine buzz instead, Stanley has you covered with their Mountain Vacuum Coffee System.

The Stanley Spirits Collection consists of a shot glass set, flasks, and pint glasses. There are several options for the flasks and pint glasses.

The Stainless Steel Shot Glass Set is made of 18.8 stainless. The set comes with 4, 2 oz stainless glasses and a steel carrying case. The screw top lid of the case has a loop allowing the entire set to be clipped to a pack or bag. The shot glass set is dishwasher safe and retails for $20.

Stanley Flask

Stanley offers a variety of flasks giving you several choices of colors, sizes, and materials. Flasks are available in 5, 7, 8, and 12 oz sizes giving you to ability to bring some for sharing. The leak proof designs allow the flasks to be stuffed anywhere without fear of whiskey-soaked gear at the end of the day. All of the stainless steel flasks feature an integrated lid lanyard eliminating lost lids. The 8 oz flasks are available with a standard or wide mouth lid for easier filling. If mixed drinks are more your thing, consider the 7 oz eCycle Flask. This flask is made of recycled and recyclable plastic with a two-stage lid design for easier filling and cleaning. This flask is also dishwasher safe. The flasks range from $15 for the eCycle to $28 for the 8 oz Classic wide mouth.

Stanley Pint Glass

The stainless pint glasses, available in either green or blue, come in single wall or double wall vacuum designs. The single wall features an insulating wrap with a 1 hour cold retention rating. The double walled pint bumps the cold retention up to 4.5 hours thanks to the vacuum insulation. The double wall design also allows the pint glass to be used for hot liquids with a 1.5 hour hot rating. Both the single wall and double wall have a press fit lid, and the double wall‘s lid has a built in bottle opener. Pricing is $15 for the single wall and $23 for the double.

Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System

The Stanley Mountain Vacuum Coffee System provides everything you need to enjoy coffee outdoors except the grounds and water. Available in 17 oz ($50) and 1 liter ($60) sizes, the smaller version is great for one or two people, while the larger capacity makes enough cups for up to four. Should you simply want to make enough to sip on all day, the vacuum insulation keeps the contents hot for 15 hours in the 17 oz and 24 hours in the liter. Both Mountain Coffee Systems are stainless, include an integrated pot and press, have a lid that separates into two cups, and even provide dry storage for the grounds.

Regardless of whether you want to sip a cold beer or a hot cup of coffee around the campfire, take a look at the Stanley line of pint glasses and coffee systems. Should you want to add a little extra kick to your coffee or simply enjoy your favorite spirit straight, the Stanley line of flasks offers perfect transportation vessels.


– Alex (Steak Sauce)

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