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Guyot Designs offers simple, yet functional products that are environmentally responsible, ethically manufactured, and designed for long-life. Their Original Splashgaurd™is a $2 plastic insert for Nalgene bottles which allows for a more controlled flow from the wide mouth bottles. Building on their success, they now offer SplashGuards in other sizes, as well a grip for bottles, some very functional camping utensils, a line of squishy bowls, and more. We recently had the opportunity to try out one of the bowls, as well as some of their utensils.

Guyot Squishy Pet BowlThe Squishy Pet Bowls™are made from food grade silicone, so they can be rolled or folded to fit just about anywhere, even your pants pocket, just like their Squishy Bowls™for people. They’re BPA free, and come in 24, 32, or 48 ounce capacities. Color options are tangerine (shown at right) lime, and Tahoe blue. Naturally, they’re dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe.

We found them to be perfect for use at the park, at least until we teach our dogs to drink from the water fountain. They dry quickly, and the tangerine is very difficult to misplace.  On the trail, we just fill it with a little water from our Geigerrig hydration packs. Here’s Felix, perhaps the world’s most easy-going Chihuahua,  modeling the 24 ounce trail model.

Guyot MicroBites utensil setWhile we love our pets, we also like to eat when camping, or even just on an afternoon hike. But unless the Her Majesty the Queen is joining us, we leave the fine silverware at home. That’s what interested us in the MicroBites utensil set. Weighing less than an ounce, these nesting utensils can be used as a spoon, fork, or knife, as well as a spatula and spreader. The spoon is deep enough that it won’t take all day to finish a meal, the fork tines are sharp enough to hold food so it doesn’t slide away, and the knife cuts well enough that the TSA would probably not let you on a flight with it. They’re also shaped just right for getting that last bit of food from your cooking pot or food bowl, and are available in tomato (shown) as well as slate and tangerine.

In keeping with Guyot’s goal of minimal environmental impact, every MicroBites utensil set carries more than 25 lbs. of verified green house emissions reductions.  Rather than just being carbon neutral, they are carbon negative. In addition, they offer a lifetime warranty to the original owner, and like all their products, Guyot Designs will gladly accept them back at the end of their usefulness, so they can be re-purposed into other products, rather than simply becoming landfill. So you can buy them with the confidence of knowing you’re not causing unnecessary harm to the environment.

Guyot MicroBites utensil set

We’ve only briefly covered two of their items, and they have more in the works. To see their full line, please visit

– Brian

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