Hanz Waterproof Gloves and Socks

Hanz Gloves

Hanz set over a pair of their lightweight waterproof gloves and lightweight crew length waterproof socks for me to check out. I really had no idea what to expect as far as fit and comfort when the package arrived, so I eagerly opened the box and took a look. Both the socks and gloves are constructed of 3 layers of material. A soft wicking liner provides a nice feel, while the waterproof membrane allows moisture to leave the sock while keeping outside water outside. Finally, an abrasion resistant Lycra layer covers the outside. There are no seams in the gloves or socks to allow moisture in.

First, let‘s take a look at the gloves. My hand measures 9 inches around the fullest part of the palm so I requested a size large, which fit well. They have a nice soft feel inside, thanks to the inner liner which helps to wick away moisture. Sticky dots on the Lycra outer shell cover the palm and fingers of the gloves and provide a lot of grip. The gloves are fairly long and extend 3 to 3 ½ inches up my forearm. Overall the fit is good with no looseness – the fingers are just a bit long but not too much so. Most gloves tend to fit me this way, so maybe I‘ve got short fingers. The palms tend to bunch up a little bit when closing a fist, but the gloves are thin enough to allow for working with hand tools and even some finer tools. You can definitely detect the waterproof membrane in the gloves, but the layers of material seem to be bonded together really well and they all act as one solid layer. Overall I like the fit and feel.

Hanz Socks

Next I tried on the socks. My shoe size varies between 10 ½ and 11 so I got the size large again. The socks fit great and use the same three layer construction as the gloves. The waterproof membrane is noticeable but again the three layers are bonded together really well and don‘t slip against each other. They have a nice soft feel inside and the cuffs are very nice as well. And the size large fit my feet well both in length and width.

I couldn‘t think of a better test both for insulation and waterproofness than a bucket of ice water. All of the ice in the house was put in a large plastic bin. I added enough tap water to get my feet and ankles in there. Both feet were sunk into the ice water while I just sat on the front porch and took it easy. Temperatures that day were in the 60‘s so it wasn‘t a particularly hot day. Time went by and I started to get bored. My mind began playing tricks on me making it seem like water was in the socks. My feet were cool but not really cold. Finally, after over 12 minutes, my feet began to ache a little bit and I declared the test over out of boredom. With the gloves on, my hands lasted about 5 or 6 minutes using the same test. Considering that my bare hand was hurting badly in less than a minute, I‘d say these socks and gloves work really well. Also remember that I was just sitting there with no shoes on. With some proper boots and a little activity to generate body heat, I‘d say feet and hands will stay comfortable for quite a while. And note that no water got onto my skin whatsoever during the testing.

Hanz designs and manufacture all of their products in the U.S.A., which I like a lot. Each pair of socks and gloves is tested for water proofness before leaving the factory. I can‘t wait for snow this winter to get full use out of both the socks and gloves. Check out product details here.

– Mark

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