Prestacycle TorqKey for Bicycle Maintenance

Prestacycle TorqKeys

Maintaining my family’s bicycles is no small job, but the Prestacyle TorqKeys lend a helping hand. While I’m not a bike mechanic by trade, I do have a good amount of bicycle related tools, yet having to guess the correct torque by feel on so many nuts and bolts can be a hassle. The Prestacycle’s TorqKey T-handled tool set now makes that a thing of the past. It is quick and easy to get the correct torque each time, as they come preset at 4Nm, 5Nm, 6Nm, 7Nm, 8Nm, 10Nm and 12Nm.

Prestacycle designed the TorqKey as a polymer T-handle ratchet, with a goal of being a comfortable fit in the palm of your hand. Torquing with the TorqKey is done in a clockwise motion only, but if used in the opposite direction the TorqKey can be used to loosen bolts and screws. When the specified amount of torque is reached, the handle will rotate an extra twenty degrees followed by a click. It is made to work with Prestacycle’s 20 piece bicycle bits set, or any other 1/4 hex bits. There aren’t many bicycle related fasteners the TorqKey can’t handle. Its width is quite small compared to traditional torque wrenches, at 81mm or 3.18 inches, which leaves plenty of room for other tools in your toolbox.

Prestacycle TorqKey

Having a 3 piece set of TorqKeys in my toolbox for a few months, I have really come to use them for almost all of my bicycle tune up and repair work. With carbon so popular these days, I am always swapping parts from aluminum to carbon, mainly to lighten my bike up a bit. However, carbon does not do well when things are too tight, and I have over-tightened my carbon parts prior to owning a set of TorqKeys. Since using the TorqKeys, all my carbon parts are now at the correct torque, so they are less likely to develop small cracks that can lead to big pain. The TorqKey has a great feel in the palm of my hand, it’s not slick or hard to grip. And the feedback is great when it hits the right amount of torque that is shown on the handle, letting you know that your part is tight but not too tight.

Prestacycle TorqKey

A single tool with 20 bits is $25.95, while you can get the whole set plus the bits for $109.95. That’s about what you could pay for an adjustable torque wrench, which would need to be calibrated over time to ensure correct torque. If you only have a carbon stem, bars, or post, a single tool is really all you need, but I would still get the whole kit and save the extra cash. Either way, Prestacycle’s TorqKey is a great buy for any cyclist and would really be a smart gift for that cycling dad in your family for Father’s Day. Get your TorqKey t-handled preset torque tool at or any participating PrestaCycle dealer near you.

– Ryan



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