HeadSweats Long Bill Hat

Headsweats Long Bill Hat
Headsweats Long Bill Hat

The Headsweats Long Bill hat being reviewed here is from is a company which offers technically advanced head gear for outdoor activities. Alan Romick created the HeadSweats brand out of frustration in 1998. At the time, nothing did a good job of keeping heavy sweat, sunscreen, and weird sunburn patterns from his head. Rooted in the cycling community, Alan listened and made his first product, the Cotton Classic. After becoming popular with racers during the Tour de France, the product has taken off and HeadSweats now offers a full range of headwear sold around the world.

After learning about their reputation, I happily agreed to review the Headsweats Long Bill performance hat. I’m an avid outdoorsman that collects hats. If they fit and look good, I’ll wear them right out. If it doesn‘t fit, pulls my hair, gets hot, doesn‘t breathe, or is too heavy, then it very quickly ends up in a box not to see the light of day again, sometimes after just one day. For me to keep wearing a hat while I‘m hiking and fishing, it must not get hot from the sun and needs to look good. This hat does that, plus it’s light, sturdy, and washable. Once I find a hat that I like I’ll wear it until it’s falling apart like that favorite pair of jeans that are so comfortable we can’t bear to give them up.

Lately I have been finding myself wearing this hat more and more while out and about, and not even caring that the long bill looks a little odd, because it’s so comfortable.  Yes, I may sweat some when I‘m out doing stuff but it does a pretty good job of keeping the sun and sweat out of my eyes (it has a nice terry cloth sweat band), and it just stays cooler. The COOLMAX fabric breathes so well and never seems to get wet and sweaty. After all this I can throw it in the washer and not worry that the bill will fall apart or have to do all those annoying things to keep its shape. The bill is made of plastic so it won‘t lose shape when it gets washed, which is nice. I have never had a hat that is so light either. It has a low-profile design that stays snug to my head and has adjustable latch with a pony tail hole in the back, so it’s not a fitted hat. The only thing that I have to say about the HeadSweats Long Bill hat that might be bad is that with the low-profile design didn‘t seem to stay down on my head real well. But that has more to do with me being a long-haired hippie that refuses to get a haircut, and I have this happen with other headgear too.

The HeadSweats Long Bill may be a bit unusual, but it’s a useful design if you spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun. It’s turned into one of my favorites, and I’m glad I had the opportunity to review it. This is one of those hats I’ll probably wear out. headsweats.com

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received the HeadSweats Long Bill hat for free from Headsweats, in consideration for review publication

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