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Peter Kirk, of Ledge Pants, who currently has a campaign going on Kickstarter, certainly knew how to get my attention. His pitch is pants that you can wear to work and play, and they do equally well at both. More work-appropriate than jeans, but less geeky than typical khakis. Stretchy too, which comes in handy for those that ride their bikes to work. Or rock climb after work. Or just plain chillin’. Equally important for those of us that work and play outdoors, they are water and stain resistant.

Check out the coffee shot:

Ledge Pants are stain-resistant

Of course, Ledge Pants offer the kind of technology we expect from technical garments these days. So they actually wick moisture from your skin, to keep you cool and dry from the the inside too. Want more? No messing around here. Durable zippers, strong thread, tough buttons. They’re built to last. How about low-maintenance? As long as your not stinking them up, they don’t even need to be washed as often as regular pants. A cold wash and tumble dry actually keeps the water and stain repellent active, rather than washing it out. Don’t like ironing? No worries. Wrinkles will disappear on their own after you put them on. True story. If you’re into labels, too bad. Ledge Pants are all about low-key. No flash here, they’re all about substance.

Now for the crazy part. They’re made in a place called Seattle. That’s in Washington. Yeah, you’re going to pay a bit extra for that. But that’s going to keep Americans employed. Profits are going to stay local. I know that foreign factory workers need to eat too. I get that. But part of the cost of foreign-produced goods is customs fees and transportation. Trains. Diesel trucks. Ships. And then there’s the hidden cost – damage to the environment when you’re shipping something around the world. Ledge Pants gets their fabric from a bluesign® certified supplier. That’s your assurance that the pants you’re buying are made using sustainable, environmentally acceptable practices. They’re kind to Mother Nature.

I’ve got no personal interest in Ledge Pants. But I read their pitch – Smart design. Sustainable practices. Domestic manufacturing. And I’m all for helping to promote that. Peter has put up his own money to get the ball rolling. Hopefully, you’ll help with funding so he can take it to the next level. If you do, you’ll be supporting all that’s good about small businesses. Here’s that link once more, just in case: Ledge Pants on Kickstarter.

– Brian

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