Headsweats – they’ve got you covered all year long

Some time before winter was truly upon us, the good folks at Headsweats sent me out a little care package. One of the items in that package was their Alpine Reversible Beanie. This lightweight beanie has a dual personality: fleece on one side for when you need to keep your noggin warm, then you can turn it inside out so the knit on the other side wicks away sweat when you finally get warmed up. A simple idea, cleverly executed. It kept my head warm for all of a very cold Utah winter. That’s five months that feels like eleven. It’s held up well, and fits nicely, with no annoying seams creating hot spots or leaving goofy marks on my exposed scalp. I fully expect that if I don’t lose it during the summer, it will be my constant outdoor companion next winter as well.

They also sent a couple of their CoolMax beanies, but seeing as how it snowed at the end of May last year, it will be a while before I get to test them out. In the meantime, I suggest that anyone looking for headwear for warm or cool weather check out the Headsweats website. You’ll find beanies, visors and hats for running, cycling, rowing, adventure racing, and of course, winter. And unlike that knit cap your grandma made you, they combine the latest high-tech fabrics and technology to bring you products that keep your head warm in the winter, cool in the summer, and dry year round, with most providing an impress SPF as well. They were voted Best Gear of 2011in Triathlete magazine’s Buyer’s Guide, and are the official headwear sponsor the Tour de France. They also sponsor Team Kenda, La Sportiva, and Vasque. So while the name may not be familiar to everyone, you’ve surely seen their products at some outdoor event, as they have something for everyone.

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